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Jul 26, 2016
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POSTING THIS INFO FOR @Terib.Shadow :cool:

If anyone is interested in spectating or making a character to have some fun playing a

"... part in the Stormbringer Northlander tabletop RPG I'm doing? you'd be playing on another side, not the same adventure as the others and doing other deeds, [it will] happen on discord, on another server i'll be setting up..."
To paraphrase from Terib's explanation in Em-8ER #unrelated:

Terib has set up a discord server for himself and the players. There's a bot to make dice rolls, each player has his personal room to act/ask questions, and there's a common room for the characters to discuss and make decisions, as well as a few extra rooms for other relevant needs. Perhaps a live game could happen every now and then but that'll most likely not happen in all honesty. So basically at worst it's something player can get into daily kinda, more often if time allows.

Terib has created a "Spectator" role for those who want to read/listen rather than actively participate.

Here is a link to the Discord the game will take place in: