So what do you guys "create" with ?

Discussion in 'Fan art, Fanfic, and other Fan creations!' started by Kouyioue, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    I suppose I'm sort of in the same category...I'd love to do glass blowing.

  2. NanoTechnician

    NanoTechnician Emberite - THMPR - Deepscanner


    I've discovered free awesomsauce programs.

    Krita (Photoshop pretender)

    Resolve (Sony Vegas pretender)

    Krita has issues, it has PS functionality just need to relearn the tools, waaa!

    Resolve is pretty much plug and play, in fact it shouldn't be a free version, it's pretty much like their full version, I wonder if I could throw them some bitcoin.
  3. GuardianV

    GuardianV New Member

    SketchUp, Photoshop , Far Cry 2 Editor, Kaneva
  4. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

  5. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    i only use ms paint or just paper and pencil its much easier for me :D
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  6. Kouyioue

    Kouyioue Active Member

    I use my left hand :)

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  7. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    included a happy face!
  8. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    GIMP is more like photoshop than Krita. From what I've gathered, Krita is more focused on illustration than image editing.

    I'm surprised they have a Linux version. Ironically, it seems like you have to pay for the Linux version. I'm not actually that surprised that they offer a free version of the software with most of the functionality that most people need. The paid version of the software costs $945. That's definitely not something the average person who just wants to edit videos for fun can afford, but definitely something a professional can afford. They can get people used to their software by offering it for free. The few free version users who do go pro will likely consider their software over that of the competition because they're already used to it.
  9. NoahDVS

    NoahDVS Deepscanner

    Usually I use FL Studio, but I've done lots of basic image editing with GIMP and I've made crosshair fonts with inkscape. Working with vector graphics and making a font with them for the first time was a pain in the ass, but it's so nice to see infinitely smooth curves and diagonal lines.
    I'm not a great song writer, I can't write much beyond 16 bars, but I'm pretty happy with this piece I wrote years ago:
  10. Nunaden

    Nunaden Well-Known Member

    recently touched MagicaVoxel again.... man.. i worked from 12pm to 9am just for fun with it D:
  11. Kyan Johansson

    Kyan Johansson Boss Boss - Gatestrider Base Commander

    I'm no expert at it (yet), but I really like Adobe Illustrator. I just wish the layers would work more like in Photoshop.

    Other than that, a trustworthy combination of pen and paper will never fail.
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  12. OnyxWolf

    OnyxWolf New Member

    Gimp and mouse for digital drawing and photoshopping.
    Pencil, Pen, Paper for traditional drawing.

    Would like to have a decent size tablet but one thats a screen so it's like drawing on paper than having to look up at your screen.
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  13. EvilKitten

    EvilKitten Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    I would *love* a good sized touchscreen paperwhite (like the kindle e-readers) with a good photoshop quality utility.

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