Sexual Dimorphism


Aug 14, 2016
Using light as a way to talk to each other is one of the main ways a space fairing race would use to communicate with each other as things like sound doesn't really travel in space. Even in scifi like Gundam they make it a point to note that one of their communication systems is the use of lasers and flashing lights that the computer can translate into sounds for the pilot. This also happens the added effect of making it so other people can't intercept their conversation without being noticed because they would have be directly in between them to capture the message in the first place. So having the A.I. on the omniframes being able to make sense of things like flashing lights and colors is not far off from the system they would use in space.

Also that would mean stealth omniframes with active optical camouflage could use a system like cuttlefish to talk to each other and to some other lifeforms on the planet. Other omniframes without the camouflage system could use things like special flashlights/torches mounted on their heads and/or weapons.

And speaking of communication systems. In real life other lifeforms have created long distances internets long before Humans did. As I pointed out before the trade network trees and fungus have the cover whole forests and the like. But in the water whales and dolphins that can dive deep enough will go into a layer of water that can trap soundwaves. Sounds made in this layer of water can travel all over the planet and can still be heard clearly on the other side of the world. This is how some lifeforms, like whales, keep in touch with each other even if they are in different oceans. And elephants use low infrasound waves talk to each by vibrating the ground itself. Meaning elephants can partly "hear" things with their feet. So going by the make up of the planet Em-8er there can be a number of natural internets that different lifeforms use a long range communication and/or trade networks.

The air can act like a mirror some times to bounce waves around. As for as I know people most do this with radio waves bouncing them off the upper atmosphere back down to the ground to increase the range of signals. But I don't remember if it was possible for living beings to use the different layers of air for long range communication like sealife does. But going how Em-8er is made up, there could be a layer of air that traps sound too. And remember sound travels farther and faster in cold air than it does in warm air.
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