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Discussion in 'General Ember Discussion' started by Daevic, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Daevic

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    Heya, just got a bunch of questions on the mechanics of how the base building types work. Im aware that these designs can change at anytime, Im going by the info in the PDF for now.

    Supply bases are all going to be linked. Now will that mean that mean that if I'm at Outpost 1, I can deposit a ton of ore and my guildie can instantly pick it up back at the main base? will there need to be a delay? do they need to be linked by terraformed land? (example if the Tsi-Hu take land between Outpost 1 and the main base that connection is lost.)

    if I store items in a supply depot at outpost 1 and outpost 1 is destroyed are the items destroyed along with it?

    The PDF says that if a world tier falls we cant craft or repair new items, if were in the process of crafting a Tier 2 weapon and the world tier drops to level 1 does my crafting halt or does it continue until finished?

    My last set of questions are this, theres a building called Turrets, Im assuming this is going to be a defensive structure, will it be upgradable? If so, will other buildings be upgradable?
  2. Nalessa

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    I'd also like to know if it's a free modular system for bases like in fallout 4 where you can place walls, turrets, building anywhere within the area, or is it a pre-existing base structure and you just get to assign certain points of it to be certain things like WoW garrison?
  3. AdmiralStryker

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    Due to the massively-multiplayer nature of the game, I'm strongly inclined to say it will be more like a WoW garrison, though I've never played WoW. I'm pretty sure it won't be like Fallout 4. Each building is going to have hardpoints for turrets, for example.

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