Permission system for Frames (Suggestion?)


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Jul 27, 2016
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I have the answer for you
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This Killer clean whale will appear at the mech wash make sure you comply they are called killer for a reason :O
This got me thinking

Could be called the Omniwhale and would make wailing sound when your mech is not clean!
but if its not clean enough more than a number of times you lose appearance points that goes towards reputation as the sky city wouldnt be impressed and assume the mech is a garbage mech collector!


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Nov 16, 2018
I've done some thinking on this since seeing this posted on Discord. I'm glad it got posted to the forums, otherwise it would have been forever lost in the fog of chat.

At first I was okay with this idea, because it seems interesting and exactly like trading anything else.

However, now I realize I disagree with this on foundational principle.

One's frame is one's own creation. We, the player, spend our time collecting materials and tweaking our choices to make something personal. The frame, its abilities and its weapons are things we research and commit to.

I refuse to condone a feature where other people trick out their frame, then loan it out for someone to farm for them while they go to work. I refuse to accept any possibility that a group of people will amass their personal wealth by investing in one frame that they pass between one another. I refuse to stand idly by while my hard-earned money spend on the cosmetics I have unique to me is insulted by someone renting them to go streaking in.

There are strong reasons for soulbound equipment; one is to force each person to earn what they use. I understand crafting unbound items, and trading mechanisms. There is, in this sense, a way for in-game wealthy players to anoint a newcomer with good gear. However, I speak against completely unbound trading.

One of the most fun things about Firefall was, for me, discovering interesting combinations of abilities and exploring play-styles. People are going to write guides, and people who hate having fun will follow those guides. The very last thing I would want to happen is a feature that devolves that into people purchasing or renting a pre-built omniframe. I simply do not want to play a game with that feature or with users of that feature.

I don't think I have to parry the "you hate fun what's the harm?" lines of thought, because I simply cannot see this feature existing in a game where players can create multiple omniframes for themselves. That, to me, doesn't speak to the idea of borrowing them.
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Feb 13, 2017
At this point there's a couple of suggestions that evolved from the initial statement. To be completely honest, I doubt any of these would make it in, considering nobody that could make it happen actually replied here.
As stated before, my suggestion was meant as a temporary thing, sharing to try, I would even say, would be okay if it was shared briefly in a Try IT! area.
There seems to be a lot of confusion over the several suggestions that evolved here.. I feel like the original thought has already been lost.. helping someone understand how the combination works.. this wouldn't mean they could go around with your frame indefinitely.. this would be by nature very restricting..this is why it wouldn't be the go to standard doing this endlessly...
I am not okay with people going around in all rented frames either.. defeats the purpose and dumb's down the game for everyone, especially if cheaper..

Regardless, thanks for the feedback.
I hope more people specify exactly which iteration of the idea they dislike, because a lot of this could be tweaked slightly to make it completely wrong.. you could say it's pushing a borderline .. But I digress too much


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Feb 24, 2017
I like the "Try It" idea but for more then just OFs. I like it for weapons as well.

"Try It Before You Build It" kind of testing area.

Maybe you like the sound of a weapon but don't know if it will do what you have in mind or have the damage and range you are looking for?

"TRY IT" first

Not sure if that OF change you are looking at upgrading to will give you the added speed or power you are looking for?


Test it out before you spend the resources to build it

I play a game that has test dummies that have a life bar and show damage numbers. A test area with that kind of testing resource would be nice in getting your OF build where you want/need it for whatever mission type you are building it for.

Not too sure if I like the the Lending/Renting of OFs idea but I do like a "TRY IT/ TEST IT' area


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Nov 16, 2018
I see your ideas in a new light now @Speedy93

Maybe I mis-remember, but a while back I had heard some developer interest in a shooting range, maybe to try guns out. I would go so far as to want to try guns out before even researching/developing them. Trying out an entire build in that context would be fantastic.

I doubt any of these would make it in, considering nobody that could make it happen actually replied here.
False! They do read these forums, but it's overwhelming (not just for time, but emotionally) to keep up the level of conversation these ideas all deserve. You matter.


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Jul 26, 2016
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But they are American, so don't understand English. It takes them time to run each post through "Google Translate".

Here is a confused American reading the Ember Forums

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HEY! Wait a second, not ALL Americans are "confused" by British English; but maybe by their weird sense of humor, LOL! :p

Cookies to anyone old enough to remember that confused American
HAH! I know who that is; and I can even tell you which movie that screen shot is from. :D Look below the spoiler tag if you want to know who and what movie ...

That is deceased actor, Bill Paxton. The screen shot is from the movie Weird Science, if I recall his confused look correctly. :cool:


Jan 6, 2017
Ehhh I can see the point of only having 1 frame out at a time, otherwise you could just give one to a buddy who hasn't gotten around to upgrading his to a high level, and then use both your frames to go do stuff you wouldn't be able to or trivializing something because of it, which is kind of a grey area.

In Elite dangerous though you can have a buddy use multicrew to be a crewmember on your ship and you can assign what your fwend can use as a crewmember, as in what weapons or even what ship launched fighter can be used, something like that would be nice though.
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