Omniframe Modeling Stream this Sunday!

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

  2. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

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  3. Wyntyr

    Wyntyr Well-Known Member

    Sweet! Will be there!

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  4. Sir Deadpool

    Sir Deadpool Emberite

    that would be nice
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  5. Faeryl

    Faeryl Active Member

    I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's like watching someone model clay, but in digital form ... so COOL!!! :cool:
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  6. Schuu

    Schuu Gatestrider - T.H.M.P.R.

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  7. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    I wonder if in just couple years we'll be doing 3D modeling in 3D with some multi-purpose VR digital chisel, as demonstrated by hololens ... and now imagine several people working on it simultaneously in realtime from all parts of the world while spectators can also watch the model streaming right to their living rooms. No longer a sci-fi.
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  8. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Stream is NOW LIVE!
    Stream has ended.
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  9. Astro

    Astro Gatestrider - Reaper Leader

    Can't watch the stream because the video has been blocked :(
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  10. Terricon4

    Terricon4 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunate side effect of playing music while you stream.
  11. Bacterial

    Bacterial Member

    Will there be recording somewhere? Missed the stream because of timezone shift.
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  12. Faeryl

    Faeryl Active Member

    Hey @Joe Solo would it be possible to put up a non-music version of your modeling video from last weekend? Pleeeeeeeease? :cool:

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