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Jul 26, 2016
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also while i'm here, Grummz; when is the next build coming. Not complaining but it has been a while. I hope it's fun.

Hello there @Dam13n !!
I just happened to be browsing through the music thread to catch up and I saw your post. Just FYI ... this
"Music" thread is in "Off Topic".

If you have a feedback or questions for Grummz or the Dev Team in regards to the test build demos, I would HIGHLY recommend making a separate thread in the Em-8ER General Discussion section of the forums.

OR, another option to stay informed about updates and delays by joining us on the Discord:

In addition, in case you haven't noticed them, after your original post's date (December 2, 2019), Grummz released TWO test build demos:

- Weapon Demo Part 2 (released Thursday, December 12, 2019):
Name of this demo on Em-8ER's Download page for backers:
"Assault Rifle December Test - Our first real assault rifle demo with PvP and PvE servers, up to 100 players each! "

- THMPR Calldown Demo (released Thursday, January 3, 2020):
Name of this demo on Em-8ER's Download page for backers:
"LATEST - THMPR Multiplayer Demo - Call down the THMPR and harvest minerals for the first time!"

I hope this helps!! Have an AWESOME day and I hope to see you in Em-8ER Discord!
~ Faeryl