Manufacture Company Names Ideas

Jul 27, 2016
Greetings Reapers,

We recently unveiled the Heavy Frame, and announced that there will be three different manufacturers that make Omniframes. So then.. have any ideas of what these companies should be named?

Let us know below!
Viper or Fox in the name for light frames, or something of that effect. For Medium, something with Evangelion or a play on Gundam, for Heavy, something with Rhino or Boar


Jan 14, 2019
- [ E C H E L O N ] -

Director: Logan Graves (Callsign: Volgrim)

Section Designation: 07

Purpose: Industrial heavy arms. Echelon provides reliable security through advanced weapon platforms, armor, and cybernetics.

I am a 3D creator for a game called SecondLife and I would love and be honored to have you guys represent my brand in your game as an Omniframe manufacturer, as that is absolutely on point for Echelon. I have in fact meshed and sold mechs along with my usual armor, weapons, vehicles, etc.

That new heavy mech is a perfect example of something Echelon would manufacture as well. Industrial, hard edges, intimidating.

You have my full permission to use the attached files as well if you choose to use Echelon as a manufacturer.


Dec 18, 2020
Unlimited LTD. - For a UK manufacturer.
APEX Metalworks Co. - You can futz around a lot with just building names based around APEX.
Wolfsrudel Konzern - For a German company. Translates to Wolf Pack Corporation.
Huǒ Diédǎo Inc - Means 'Fire falls' in Chinese, which given where the people on this project came from would be an absolutely hilarious name for a Chinese company. Maybe throw in a bit of 'these guys are shadey af' into their lore, on top of everything else and people 'in the know' can get a good knee slapper out of it.
Kern Security Solutions LLC. - You could really use anything this based around the last name, because inserting this little Easter Egg would be neat. I see one other person proposed something similar.

All not-English stuff came from Google translate. Running this stuff by people with more familiarity with these languages would probably be a good idea.

I could give more lore ideas behind these, but I'm pretty sure the lore team can do a better job than I since they have a vision for the world they're making.
Mar 11, 2017
I feel like each of the 3 should represent its own specialized area so I'm naming one after a corps or corporation for high dollar business like or military heavy frame, one after a lab for science backed or scientist pursuits light frame most likely or assassins because they have to be stealthy and quite which would also be high cost, and medium frame would probably be more like your junk yard warriors or merch and gun for hire line where its thick enough to stand a fire fight but still cost effective or cheap and would be a family name or mob family of crafters.

Strontium Corps

Kutaki Labs

Lone Sriders


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Jul 29, 2016


A little inspiration for the developers.

Omni Sea Corporation. [OSC]

Subsidiary: NanoTechOmni Industry [NaTOI-Sea]

- NaTOI-Sea-Weapons; [NSWp]
- NaTOI-Sea-Ammunition; [NSAt]
- NaTOI-Sea-Blindage; [NSBg]
- NaTOI-Sea-Combat Vehicles; [NSCv]
- NaTOI-Sea-Missiles/Torpedo; [NSMs/NSTp]
- NaTOI-Sea-Shipyards; [NSSy]
- NaTOI-Sea-Sonar; [NSSn]

Omni Air Corporation. [OAC]

Subsidiary: NanoTechOmni Industry [NaTOI-Air]

- NaTOI-Air-Weapons; [NAWp]
- NaTOI-Air-Ammunition; [NAAt]
- NaTOI-Air-Blindage; [NABg]
- NaTOI-Air-Combat Vehicles; [NACv]
- NaTOI-Air-Missiles; [NAMs]
- NaTOI-Air-Hangar; [NAHg]
- NaTOI-Air-Radar; [NARd]

Omni Earth Corporation. [OEC]

Subsidiary: NanoTechOmni Industry [NaTOI- Earth]

- NaTOI-Earth-Weapons; [NEWp]
- NaTOI-Earth-Ammunition; [NEAt]
- NaTOI-Earth-Blindage; [NEBg]
- NaTOI-Earth-Combat Vehicles; [NECv]
- NaTOI-Earth-Missiles; [NEMs]
- NaTOI-Earth-Automaker/Assemble; [NEAm/NEAb]
- NaTOI-Earth-Probe/Scan; [NEPb/NESc]

Following this structure, it does not matter the size/power of the Omniframe, only its usefulness (sea, air or earth).

Remembering that my suggestions are directed to the Human Factor, if it has any use for the Machine Factor, great, otherwise, just discard.

I hope I helped.
Thanks you for your attention.

* MMO Em-8er on the Linux Mint 64x platform.

** Translation done on Google.



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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
[Terraflux Syndicate] - TS
Specialized in agile & fast moving Mek units for speed!

[Galaxis Corp] - GC
Engineering perfectly balanced medium Mek units to your needs.

[Leviathan Industries] - Li
Number 1 in the toughest Armored Mek's for any occasion.

[Ribbity Rabbity intergalactic Pets] - RRIP
Lovable pets, war machine pets we got it !


Jan 26, 2017
Greetings Reapers,

We recently unveiled the Heavy Frame, and announced that there will be three different manufacturers that make Omniframes. So then.. have any ideas of what these companies should be named?

Let us know below!
My thoughts:

1. Paradigm Shift Ltd - The company believes their advancement in Omniframes will be the turning point, their frames will change the thinking on how frames are built designed and utilised.

2. Omnimation Inc - a nod to Unimation (worlds first robotics company)

3. Dragoon Armor Corp - Mounted armoured cavalry and a nod to UK armoured fighting regiment