M3 Dollar Giveaway Thread for 6am PST, November 23

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Nov 9, 2018
Em8ER Loot Giveaway has started! First 30 posts here claim the prizes!

One of our generous backers, Maven, is giving away M3 Dollar Packs. These are packs that come with a slew of exclusive cosmetics for Em8ER:

- Exclusive 60k Omniframe wings:

View attachment 2623

- Exclusive 2 seater Thunder bumping bike, upgrade-able to Red Python Single Seater:
View attachment 2624

Upgrade-able to Red Python single seater:
View attachment 2625

- Pinup and Tiki mask decals
- Mini Tsi-Hu beast pet
- THMPR mining mech skin - CHROMA
- Founder emote pack for your frame and pilot
- Special voice pack for your omniframe mek by Laura Post (voice of Aero from Firefall)
- Omniframe skin - CHROMA
- Omniframe skin - Deepstrike
- 3D printer files for our Cat 1 Kaiju
- Founder Flag, attachable to Omniframe Mek
- Mini-Kaiju pet

Hurry and post now to win! The first 30 replies will earn the prize!

All packs are upgrade-able to full backer packs which include the Art Build demo and design book for immediate download, and copies of the game.
Not open for further replies.