Lore Drop: Em-8ER history. Chief Chat this Saturday at 2pm PST

Quite a lore!

Like the writing.

Like what you did to the alternate history. The mention of famous historical figures, scientists...etc. and their progeny. I particularly like the part about "irrational nationalism." It seems to be a common problem today, with my country, but especially with the US. Irrational nationalism and patriotism that is based on ignorance (of both history and the present) is dangerous. It should be eliminated. However, in the lore, they went too far with their rationale-based governing. From one extreme they defeated, they became the other extreme.

Also, I cannot help but wonder what part the Enshigi will play. I'm really getting a Collectors-vibe (Mass Effect series). Enigmatic. Ominous.

"This made the people of the Omega Frontier some of the best survivalists and explorers of all the colonies. They were subject to a wide range of environmental conditions, from extreme deserts to frozen wastelands, long nights, hostile environments, and predators. The extreme range of conditions made genetic alternation somewhat impractical, and the people of the Omega Frontier tended to avoid genetic solutions as a whole. They preferred to test themselves, as they were, against their new world. They relied on their technology and survival skills to carve out a harsh existence and still thrive."
While I'd jump at the chance for a life-span doubling miracle gene-therapy or some such I can dig ^ that. ^

And since it's been centuries, these folk are already a product of those who had increased life-span and advanced medicine, so even if they are choosing to forgo any further wonder drug and the miracles of ever advancing medical breakthroughs, they're already made of tougher and healthier, more durable stuff than all who came before them.

These suits ranged in size from barely visible motor and synthetic muscle augmentation worn in their geesuits, to full blown armored variants that were vehicle sized and used for heavy industry and labor.
Aha! So even outside of their MEKs, they can still have tech in their jumpsuits that can give them some extra muscle and durability in harsh environment and possibly more stamina for sustained sprinting and the like. Interesting. Reminds me of the suits from FireFall, really. Only less apparent, perhaps.

People wore geesuits daily by necessity. The suits offered both active thermal systems for heating and cooling, accomplished via a circulatory system of fluids. The same circulatory system of piping and inflatable bladders also kept human blood cycling efficiently under the harsh daily G-forces of their homeworld. They became fashionable, and many variants and styles were created as they became the staple everyday wear.
Damn, so the environmental conditions meant that they had to wear suits with tech in them, just to go about their everyday business. Jeez!

An unpaired gate’s destination was always drawn to gravity wells. This meant the exit points would largely appear near stars and solar systems. Occasionally they would open up into black holes. When this happened a dangerous feedback loop would build in the gate, which would have to be shut down or destroyed before the massive gravity well of the black hole started to bleed through the gate.
Reminds me of that one Stargate SG-1 episode. *sigh* Still, by far, the best sci-fi series, completely in its own league. Yes, even better than BSG. Suck it!
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Jul 28, 2016
I have read the full story thus far......

OHH MY FRACKING GAWD!!!!!! Grummz.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see if you can enlist some of the top Si-Fi authors to help flesh out the stories.... WOW..... Such detail in such a medium sized blog post. WOW...... I WANT MOAR !!!!!


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Sep 6, 2016
Aye, its like the front page of a newspaper, but that format only works because it has multiple topics. This is just one topic, so a regular formatted document with double spacing should do the trick.
even the equipment pages were formated like this and made it a pain to quickly look up something you wanted to show or explain.