Irritated but not at the dev or game, At the lies about this game and devs

Ok I am unsure if I did a good title so ill restate it here, Been lately every so often people going off lies posted by other people like the This one Reddit post. which I know is mostly fake according to Grummz, but also other things.

So with that stated, Is there any real good way to prove stuff like that is bull? im kind of tired trying to say its a lie but also not game to back it up. Could just fall back on "ok sooo how does he prove it?" though honestly I kind of need to re read that Reddit archive and point out things I can clearly see as bull.

Another issue with these lies [if they are lies though I believe them to be [no proof though besides words of Grummz] ] is could affect the image of the game and its funding when the main funding campaign hits, and well I want to see this game succeed but also knowing, it could fail at any moment for any reasons. I just don't want the reason to be the lies.

Ya sorry if it was a bad forum post. I don't really use forums a lot and well. Not that active either, going to wait for alpha / beta before I start funding. Sorry but I want something playable lol.
Aug 3, 2016
One day, someone came to see Socrates and said to him:
- Listen Socrates, I must tell you how your friend behaved.
- Stopped ! Interrupted the wise man. Have you spent what you have to say to me through the three screens?
- Three sieves? said the other, filled with astonishment.
- Yes, my good friend: three sieves. Let's see if what you have to say to me can go through the three screens. The first is that of Truth. Have you checked if what you have to tell me is true?
- No; I heard him tell, and ...
- Well, good. But assuredly, you made it pass through the second sieve. It is that of goodness. What you want to say to me, if it's not quite true, is it at least something good?
Hesitant, the other replied: No, it's not something good, on the contrary ...
"Hum," said the wise man, "try to use the third strainer, and see if it's useful to tell me what you have to say to me ...
- Useful ? Not exactly.
"Well," said Socrates, smiling, "if what you have to say to me is neither true nor good nor useful, I prefer not to know it, and as for you, I advise you to forget it. .

Un jour, quelqu'un vint voir Socrate et lui dit :
- Ecoute Socrate, il faut que je te raconte comment ton ami s'est conduit.
- Arrête ! Interrompit l'homme sage. As tu passé ce que tu as à me dire à travers les trois tamis ?
- Trois tamis ? dit l'autre, empli d'étonnement.
- Oui, mon bon ami : trois tamis. Examinons si ce que tu a as à me dire peut passer par les trois tamis. Le premier est de celui de la Vérité. As tu contrôlé si ce que tu as à me dire est vrai ?
- Non; je l'ai entendu raconter, et ...
- Bien, bien. Mais assurément, tu l'as fait passer à travers le deuxième tamis. C'est celui de la Bonté. Ce que tu veux me dire, si ce n'est pas tout à fait vrai, est-ce au moins quelque chose de bon ?
Hésitant, l'autre répondit : non, ce n'est pas quelque chose de bon, au contraire ...
- Hum, dit le Sage, essayons de nous servir du troisième tamis, et voyons s'il est utile de me raconter ce que tu as à me dire ...
- Utile ? Pas précisément.
- Eh bien, dit Socrate en souriant, si ce que tu as à me dire n'est ni vrai, ni bon, ni utile, je préfère ne pas le savoir, et quant à toi, je te conseille de l'oublier ...
Dec 15, 2016
I’ve read that comment section from top to bottom and to be honest, there’s no take or mention about The9’s involvement on the development. Everything seemed to jump on the bandwagon about Mark’s lack of vision on R5 studio. There are some poking about the mismanagement of funds, talent and time (especially the bus part) and Mark’s antics as CEO. There are/were mentions about the pvp being removed and several take about Firefall as an eSport game. However, nobody ever thought about or asked why the massive changes of the game were necessary besides the reason, “it’s the CEO’s decision, so follow it.” Therefore, either that Reddit post is full of bull or heavily one sided against Mark’s incompetence.

Mark worked as a team lead for Blizzard before, therefore he should know how to run a game company. To me, it’s virtually impossible to just blame on Mark’s part for everything as a mere facade without some serious investigation on all parties involved. Besides, shouldn’t the police be on this too?
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Ya I know >.< just getting tired of people going O em8-er is being made by grummz? well here is a reddit post about how bad he is. *face palms*
Note im not saying grummz is that just would love a good way to break some of this lying bull crap against grummz so the game can get better rep when there is more of a game.

Also sorry torgue not that forum savy lol


Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
Had a roommate in Texas who lived off Reddit. Argued back 'that many millions of people cant be wrong'

...sigh such is the state in this age of NON-reason. Reddit has always been a one sided ignorant campaign of slander towards Kern.
Oh nice sayings... I rather like the:"Even if thousand people tell a lie, it doesn't make it true.".
So true, I guess nothing we can really do but point them possible in the right direction. I pointed them towards some of grumz posts and that didn't really do to much so eh it was worth a shot. Person best way would be if I can actually make good arguments [could be right on all fronts have the facts and ill end up still face planeting into the dirt lol.]


Jul 5, 2017
I just had to look at my book of quotations and it's kinda funny that some of things mentioned on truth were:"Truth is the anvil that has worn out many a hammer.", "Truth needs no memory.", "Truth is the strongest argument." that appears to be a Greek proverb.

But i gotta say my personal favourite is:"My way of joking is to tell the truth. It's the funniest joke in the world." - George Bernard Shaw
Although i would have wished there addition saying:"Truth is the punchline, people usually get it later."
I can only imagine saving the link to the thread of Grummz explaining all in massive detail and sharing that. Let them be to their own drama from there. If they cant see the heart for gaming and sharing dreams, hell with 'em.
did, they where like Eh and still believe what they believe and not looking farther into it. Personally I calmed down a little, just when I made the post was just being annoyed cause didn't want em8-er's reputation to be brought down by lies of stuff grummz didn't do.

Edit: Kind of guess like I was using to let it out a little.


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Jul 27, 2016
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I think some people are bored and look to the past drama to create an ever lasting drama.
Have not really played much games even warframe for a few months now, the only game i am looking towards is em8er and a film called blood machine nothing to do with em8er but it looks good :D