In need of a new game. Something to replace firefall till em8er.

Well before I start lets just say in a picky picky person and I partly blame firefall. With that said and out of the way, Does anyone know of anything to tide me over till em8er hits alpha [not supporting till we get an alpha stage as much as I want to I can't take the risk yet]

I kind of want a something similar to firefall, what em8er is going to be hell even anthem.... god dam it EA >.> ill make another post about that in off topic after this one.
I know the bar is a bit high since I don't think there is a lot of options. Rate now what is partly satisfing me is planetside 2 but sometimes the pvp nature of things sets me off in a bad way, and sometimes I play destiny 2 but for some reason my drive quickly drys up. I am kind of going though a "im going crazy" phase again but ill get over it eventually.
I seen that before but never been one for top down shooters, though did try foxhole which was intresting though devs where bias and didn't see the issues with the community. that and some bad updates. Might still need to try arena though

Well, my plan is to play Destiny 2 a bit further. And start playing Cyber Punk 2077 in November.
Ya movement wise cyberpunk might not be what I want but I have a feeling I will like it. We will haft to see.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Returned to warframe leveling up my railjack to let my npc crew blast stuff around while i go sneaking into enemy spaceships its good for solo not perfect but still fun.

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