I'm donating a free Scout package..any suggestions?


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
You could ask a question such as how many kaiju's would fit in your Attic?
The one who gives the closest number gets the prize!


You could randomly pick someone in the forum/discord by putting a letters of the alphabet in a hat
close your eyes pick the first letter out of the hat do it again now with the 2 letter.

E.g. A and E so if there was someone called Apple they would win
but if there are more than 1 person name starting with A and ending with E
it would be the first name that appears on the list that gets it.


Give it to a good friend/family member because they are your friend/family member !


You could have a game of nerf wars in your work place at break time who ever wins gets the prize.


you could ask someone to say a number and then ask again to pick a place out of the list of places

person picks number 120, potato lane

So you go to 120 potato lane knock on their door and say you have won an Em8er Scout package bla bla bla do a little dance if you wish and wait for a response otherwise just excuse yourself and say you have the wrong house.


you could have a message stuck to you back saying first one to tag me wins a game pack !!!!

Attempt to look tired and run slow then when they are getting near use an obstacle such as a security guard or perhaps a picnic bench either way its an obstacle then when you think they worked out enough let them tag you nope you just teased them continue this process until someone tags you :D


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Aug 5, 2017
Ok, it seems given away my scout package for FREE (exluding sweat, tears, weirdness, etc.) is a no go!!

SOoooo...I thought of a question/challenge - the first person (pref. new comer without any backer pack/s OR you know someone who wants to back Em-8er) to LIST 3 of the best British Sci-fi films of the last 60 years. The closest to my list wins...simples ! :)

Good Luck !

Also, I think you will need an email address in connection with Em-8er (?)


Jan 26, 2017
I just hope that my "1 bucks" pack does not count, but still I'd like to get that scout to upgrade it later to a next tier (that upgrade I can afford D:)

So the list is:
  • Moon
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth
  • Gravity
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