If you still recall Arcade games...

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Jul 5, 2017
As Arcades are basicly gone in most places and finding a singular Arcade game hidden away in some corner of a cruise ship or some old bar... I can't help put to look at it being like:"Would anybody notice if i snatched that? Or would the owner just let me take it away?"
If you were given the opportunity to "rescue" a Arcade game from gathering dust in such a place, what Arcade game would have a special corner in your home? (or room *coughs* or basement/attic *coughs* )
Feel free to talk about your fauvorite Arcade game aswell. ^^

If i leave out Mortal Kombat and Metal Slug, becouse who wouldn't want those?

If i found Area 51 again on the lower decks of a cruise ship still plugged in and in a working condition like last time. I wouldn't have the excuse of:"I was just a kid at the time" to just leave it there..
(And yes instead of just playing as player 1 i was playing player 2 aswell.. Why? Cause two guns thats why.. )
(Important life lessons... Shoot everything except the the dimwits sometimes popping up on side or middle of the screen. That and some people are just nasty when they carry food near the arcade games yuck. )

I had such blast playing that and given the opportunity i would play it again. (I also know it was made for playstation but it's not the same as playing it with that gun. )
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Jul 26, 2016
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I will have to take time for the videos later but Twin Eagle, Heavy Barrel, Aliens and Ikari Warriors were my absolute favorites. I would toss in the original arcade version of Aliens vs Predator too.

There are some links.
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Jan 6, 2017
The T2 arcade game with the mounted uzi's on it was amazing back then.

And sunset riders, simpsons arcade game, even the michael jackson arcade game was awesome!

There's still one arcade game I once played, but have no idea what it was called and can't find it again.
It's one of those your guy is on the bottom of the screen, and he can only move left and right, shooting at all the stuff in front of him and dodging all the crap enemy soldiers throw at him.
He looked like a soldier kind of guy, and when you won a level he'd like kind of cheer/dance forward down the screen and go through a gate or road or w/e, then the next level starts.
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