Ideas for snaring and holding


Aug 14, 2016
This thread is all about different ways we can think of to slow down or hold a target in place. Because it is not always about who can do or take the most damage but who has the most control over the enemy's movements. This also comes into play in games where some of the missions needs to capture a target alive. Or missions where the goal is not really to kill as many enemies as possible but just survival long enough for an EVAC team to come and get you (like a search and rescue where to find a down pilot behind enemy lines and you have to both them and yourself alive long enough for them to be rescued.). You get the idea. The main focus is on controlling the targets movement and actions, doing damage to them or killing them is just an side effect of the method being used. I'll start.

Electromagnetic Anchor
You fire a metal spike in the ground and another spike into the target. Once both spikes are anchored in their respective surfaces they will emit a powerful electromagnetic field pull towards each other. Going by the strength of the field the effect can just slow down target's movement to stopping them in place. And going by mass of the target this and far away the anchors are from each other this can even pull them to a location before locking them in place. Do to the nature of anchors it is possible damage, destroy, or even kill the target(s). So it is advised not to use this on things you wish not to be damaged.
Side note: It is possible to anchor smaller targets to each other or even larger targets to itself (firing an anchor into each hand in hopes they are not strong enough to pull their hands apart again). Some pilots have been known to use this anchors as a way to break and remove armor from larger enemies to expose parts of their body, if not opening holes in the body in the case of biological armor (shells, bone plates, exoskeletons, etc).​

Electromagnetic Net
This is an upgraded version of the Electromagnetic Anchor designed to be used over an large area. Rather than just placing two anchors into surfaces this version fire multiple anchors at once in a grid pattern given you an effective way to ensnare many targets at once. The user can program the pattern in how the anchors turn on to ether pull targets away from the center or to pull them towards the center of the net. The utility of this option is also useful in creating openings or closing them (such as with things like blast doors and bulkheads or in caves and tunnels breaking rocks).
Side note: this also does a greater amount of damage do the number of spikes that might in bed themselves into a single target. And if more than one spike is on target there is a risk of them ripping the target apart as different anchors can be pulled in different directions at once.​

I got this idea after watching the magnetic doors and locks on some buildings along with remembering how some magnets are powerful enough to do things like crush bones.

No, I didn't get this idea from Just Cause's grappling hook as friend pointed out me. I never played the games. But this close to what I had in mind.


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Jul 26, 2016
What if you spike an area and they seek out close targets? Perhaps that's another option v/s 2 shots (one on target/one on ground)? And if so, I believe the 2 target method should have a stronger pull v/s the one shot (skill matters).
Oh, man. I've started playing HORIZON ZERO DAWN and while I don't use the rope-trap-shooter-thing much, I can definitely imagine something similar in a sci-fi setting that's, like, magnetic or electrified or gravity manipulated (an Enshigi crowd-control tech? When they make their appearance and return...dun dun dun duuun...). Maybe when we're dealing with a large beast, as a group, as a special hunting event, subdue and retrieve for R&D thing, we can have a supply ship "spawn-in" rods that some of us will have to quickly pick up and use to anchor down the beast, while possibly dealing with some area-wide assault from its smaller allies. Or we'd have to kite the thing or chase it into a randomly determined capture zone that's been set with traps and all sorts of restraining devices
Aug 14, 2016
There are lots of sci0fi ways we can do this with high tech stuff. But it would also be nice to see some low tech ways too. Like a simple glue strayer you can use slow them down or hold them in place as they get stuck. The omniframes can used barbed wire like a rope/whip to both hold them and damage them at the same time. Or something like a bear trap on a chain.

Goes by our level of control over the elements and terraforming we could even make our own tornados / walls of wind and/or fire to hold them in place. I wouldn't mind making a tornado of fire to encircle the enemy to keep them in place and if they try to get out they have to risk taking damage from the flames.

And if we do have things in orbit around the planet. We can also use things like a focused sunlight beam make a wall of light, heat, and radiation so when something touches the light it burns them. Think something like mirrors and magnifying focusing dishes in space. I don't care if you are a being able to live inside magma, focused starlight will still hurt you and kill you, if not from the heat than all though different forms of radiation hitting you at once. Eventhings from x-rays to gamma rays.

There is also the idea of nature slowing down or stopping everyone. Things like mud, sand, soft snow, and tar making everything heavy enough that doesn't have a way to spread out enough of its mass to sink down into it and get stuck. It would be nice if we could do things like lure enemies into an area watch them get stuck in the mud when it starts to rain.
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