I take issue with the female skins

Mar 18, 2021
That would depend on the individual's goal, their current state, and what their ideal body could be e.g.
Yes, I know that. When I say "ideal male body" and "ideal female body", I meant that in the way of how mainstream media, society and culture generally depicts them. I guess I should have made that clearer.

The "ideal male body" now is always the same as it has been for decades. Basically, it's the "three 6's" - 6ft tall or over; 6-pac; and a 6-figure annual salary. (you can disregard the last one as we are talking about bodies of course). Basically a more muscular and refined version of Michaelangelo's David statue, or an "Adonis" as "buff guys" are usually referred to. Or maybe even He-Man or Conan The Barbarian. This remains the ideal body type for men to this day.

The "ideal female body" used to be pretty much the "Baywatch type" females, such as Pamela Anderson when she was in it. But then as the Fem cancer gradually took over, now the ideal female body is anything BUT that, and instead being overweight/fat (not to mention being unattractive or even ugly) is promoted and glorified because you know, "muh Body Positivity" and "muh Diversity", and trying to fear-monger convince men to drop any standards they have to date them (otherwise they are chauvinists, shallow, misogynistic, etc). While they have the right of free speech to promote this rubbish, what is insufferable is that once again, it is only something that only exclusively applies to women.

More double standards are added due to the fact that women are encouraged by the Fems to always raise and keep their standards high and go for the "best" (the three 6's) when it comes to dating men. This attitude is seen as "you go girl!", "empowahing" and "she knows what she wants". If men did the same regarding dating women ("the three B's" - Beautiful, big Boobs, nice Booty), then it's suddenly seen as "shallow", "chavanistic" and "misogynistic".

Therefore based on the above, I retain my stance that it is much harder for a man to achieve the "ideal male body" than it does for a woman to achieve the "ideal female body".
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Omni Ace
Jul 29, 2016
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Regarding tanning and the art we're being shown...from my understanding what we're getting is the outfits...not the models. We'll be creating our own avatar using an in-game character creator and then picking the outfit they wear from the wardrobe for that account.
Big if true. You know I'm sticking my muscly man meat ass into that bunny suit. Skin tight and ridin' high.

... Just uh, don't tell Torgue. Heh.
Mar 18, 2021
You know I'm sticking my muscly man meat ass into that bunny suit. Skin tight and ridin' high.
I gather that you're also referring to the recent 3D render of the bunny suit female character that Mark posted. Indeed, that costume is quite beautiful and exquisite, yet so simple. Also, dare I mention that it's rather "sexy" as well, or as the more slang term suggests - "hot". It's certainly one of my favorite costumes on women, a costume that's definitely considered one of the trademark "waifu" costumes so to speak.

Not only that, but in the 3D Render, there's some rather nice toe cleavage going on as well for those of a more/additional "unique" taste. Not sure if this is intended or just simply the way the render of her feet and shoes are made - but regardless, I'm not complaining. Heh. costume00.jpg
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Jul 27, 2016
im a bit late to htis party, but SOOO many people get all up tight about so many things. THIS is a game concept... if it is that big of an issue there are a couple of options i can see. have designed in a filter (like the offensive language filters in nearly every game)
if there was something like that you see a standard player that is non-offensive.

other option ... well we wont go there
Nov 2, 2020
Personally, some of the more fantastical skins are a bit much even for me. Not fussed about the politics. I just like consistent, somewhat believable art direction.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with things that are overtly sexualized, but I prefer if it remains at least somewhat grounded in the lore.

Form-fitting geesuits? A-okay.
Exposed skin? Sure.
Sexy characters? Sign me up.
Bunny suits? Meh.

To that end, I'm glad they plan to have a visibility toggle for the silly stuff.