Hotlink Thread and Steps for FireFall Founder's Initiative Credit Program


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Jul 7, 2017
As with the recent news we're likely all familiar with by now, FireFall is shutting down.

As some of us are also familiar with, Em8er is offering a FireFall Founder's credit for all who purchased a FireFall Founder's Pack.

With FireFall shutting down, it's getting harder and harder to access parts of the website. Some of the original links on the website are now re-constructed as hotlinks to FireFall's shutdown post.

Because of that, some later Em8er members (including myself) may find difficulty in taking advantage of this incredibly generous initiative.

As such, I'd like to provide some links I managed to get a hold of in order to make this process easier.

Despite me providing these links, FireFall is in active shutdown and while these links provide workarounds to otherwise re-routed or dead links, I can't guarantee they'll work forever as I imagine the FireFall portal and portions of the website will either be locked or expunged once and for all in a matter of days or weeks.

Act fast!


Step 1:
Firstly, this is a link to the FireFall Founder's Initiative Credit Program:

Begin the process there and follow the links down below to access some now unreachable portions of FireFall's website.

Step 2:
Go to following link in order to access your FireFall Account Summary. If you weren't already logged into the FireFall portal or haven't been for sometime, it'll redirect you to the login screen. After doing so, it should take you to your Account Summary.

From here, you should be able to discover if you were once a Founder and what tier of Founder you were.

Step 3:
The following link will re-direct you right to the FireFall Forums Archive in which you'll be able to activate the preferences to ENABLE YOUR FOUNDER'S STATUS ON POSTS as well as obtain your Forum Account ID in order to finalize the FireFall Founder's Initiative Credit process.

Best of luck!