Guy tears a HUUUUUGE hole in RPG combat.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kouyioue, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Kouyioue

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    Hahahahahahahahh ! !!! I love this guys cynicism ! it's hilarious:

    A lot of the times, he's just holding the keyboard or mouse up to the screen hahahhahaa!!!
    I love it how cynical his mouthy rant is xD

  2. Wraithbane

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    Well, that was entertaining. But if its not your type of game, perhaps going back to Dark Souls and its kin is recommended? ^^
    Different games for different people.
  3. Kouyioue

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    It's more about devs and reviewers and promoters lying about the game requiring skill with disregard to playtesting, and then shitting on guys like him for pointing it out without explicitly stating the reason for the latter otherwise for defending it in the first place
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  5. Ronyn

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    The reviewer did make me chuckle. Heh

    But..... Saying the devs were "Lying" is a bit of an embelishment.
    Nailing down the proper amount of difficulty for each stage of the game, each stage of progression, for the many different types of players is a very difficult task. It is all too common that these things will fall out of sync at some point in a game, and the players high level state will be overwhelming for end game content. Yet still, have a large percentage of the player base who don't find it easy. (note: plenty of people don't have the kind of time or interest to devote to playing games as much as reviewers do. Difficulty is relative.)

    For what it's worth - Shadow of Mordors combat system is largely identical to the one found in the batman arkham series. Which is a system many have expressed a fondness for. Many of the moves require timing or multiple simoultaneous button presses. Its Not to say the combat system is particularly difficult to excel in, but it certainly requires more than simply holding a key down or wantonly mashing a single button repeatedly.
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    Just press space. Space confirmed.
    On another note of Youtubers telling 'how it is' may i present Mac form Worth A Buy.

    Best Worth A Buy Moments

    Link to Channel of hilarity..

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