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Discussion in 'Naval Navel Command' started by Grummz, Aug 7, 2016.

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    New blood is exactly what this thread needed! Thank you Eternal 1481! Now while I don't know who the gal on top is cosplaying as (Starcraft series?), I can tell the lady on the bottom has a very fett-ching outfit. ;)
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    the top one is def not starcraft - its neither protoss, nor zerg, nor space marine nor any hybrid
  3. SomeUnregPunk

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    here's a hint for the top gal.... it's comic book, that spawned a tv show and probably some toons as well.
  4. Terricon4

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    Yes, I do recall at least one animated series that was an anime rather than a western if I recall right interestingly enough. Mostly I am familiar with it since Nebezial is a big fan (and he and his wife make absolutely awesome art an comics and stuff.

    And I really do need to go searching for some other styles of pics to post here one of these days, most of the ones I've got left are of the more anime ish style (I made a giant imgur album with a bunch of them ages back in advance). But oh well... what can I say, it's the type of things I spend most of my time looking at on pixiv and such so... ya. At least I got ones in different styles!

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    Yeah, it's too bad that artist's attempt in making a new version of witchblade fizzled out. He had a neat idea for a series. I even pre-ordered some of the books. :(

    anyhow, if you are interested there was a neat live action tv show of witchblade. Went for 2 seasons and did the characters and story pretty well.
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    Don't dare to let it die!!!

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    Be careful what you wish for...
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