Grummz' Navel Thread

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Jul 26, 2016
Seville, Southern Spain

P.S.: The OST is just plain awesome, I've never found the 3 Original CD's in my country :(. Maybe in another live... (They are too rare and expensive)

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That second image from the last post was actually not a turn-off for me. You could say it was half decent ;) Next time though, please use spoiler tabs to save page space.
Is page space an issue on tablets/laptops or something?

Never really understood the point of that purely for "saving space" since half the time I end up skipping over something I'd otherwise like do to them, and also cause I don't like how most stuff looks in the spoiler borders.

Only other thing that comes to mind is bandwidth, but my nets about as shitty as it gets without being dial up and I still do fine on these types of pages if I give them a few seconds to load through.
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