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    Does anyone know how FTL travel works in the universe?

    I'm just wondering because I would like it if it worked like the Warp travel in Rouge Trader. I found that form of FTL very fun and my Sunday gaming group and I added a system like it to our Savage Worlds game.

    Right now we are about to board a Space Hulk that is our ship from the future (or maybe a past alternate dimension) as ghost busters, trying to destroy the quantum zombies that infect people by being in the general vicinity.

    I love having stories like these so please have something like this as an option at least.
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    I'm kind of hoping that story gets built around it. We know that we are 28 human based civs separated by space exploration and settlement, with prior means for FTL communications, and a new discovery of FTL travel.

    I'd like to believe that the FTL travel has come about due to contact with the alien civ that has been spoken of.

    So maybe we need to mine stuff to craft the means for FTL travel, and the game progresses from there. At the very least, it would be a good way to transition from some alpha game play to a wider story.


    Yeah, if FTL is recently made in game time, that would allow dms to have you run into older ships that haven't had the chance to upgrade. I think that wouldn't be half bad.

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