Friday Update - Omniframe FINISHED

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. wangmauler

    wangmauler Terraformer

    Looking awesome!
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  2. NightStroke

    NightStroke Deepscanner Base Commander

  3. PIghead Elderberry

    PIghead Elderberry Active Member JUMBO KAIJU SLAYER

    I can see the Kaiju smashing both us AND the thumper into little pieces!
  4. Joe Solo

    Joe Solo Well-Known Member Ember Dev

    Here's some "gravy" everyone. Even More shots to come post mom in town.




  5. DinsdaleP13

    DinsdaleP13 Firstclaimer

    If you're able to get up in there, and punch the generator, why not get up in there and shoot it? Or just shoot the Kajiu to death once you're under the shield...

    Please stop. I can only get so erect.

    But it looks pretty friggen sweet. Can't wait to see it in action.
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  6. rdS

    rdS New Member

    Looks solid, rly wanna see it in full black with red outlines. Keep up the good work. :)
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  7. Wuterbear

    Wuterbear Firstclaimer - Frame Founder

    Beautiful! Great work. Keep it up. Happy Friday the 13th!
  8. ladytorrens

    ladytorrens New Member

  9. DefaltSimon

    DefaltSimon Deepscanner

    Very nice! :) Can't wait to see more
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  10. Aphaz

    Aphaz Deepscanner

    keep up the awesome work!!!!!
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  11. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Kaiju Slayer

    I want this model on my shelf next to my computer reminding me that this is me i am a beast... maybe not but still it would look great on my shelf :D
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  12. Despair

    Despair Firstclaimer - Death Reaper - Frame Founder

    Awesome piece of art
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  13. LupeFuentes

    LupeFuentes Active Member

  14. TheDragonMonkey

    TheDragonMonkey Member Max Kahuna

    Oh My God, That's so awesome. Great job guys keep them coming.
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  15. Silv3r Shadow

    Silv3r Shadow Gatestrider Max Kahuna Kaiju Slayer

    I really honestly can't wait for this game, small and big scale fights at the same time ^.^
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  16. SunBlitz

    SunBlitz Emberite

    Oh come on, if the THMPR in the art is gonna swear at the Kaiju it at least needs a rude gesture of some kind. Hundred times better if it does both in game, too.

    Cheers on finishing the 'Frame, too.
  17. you sure thats the 3d model and not a plastic figure lying around? cause it looks like the latter
  18. Slavyanin

    Slavyanin New Member

    When I first time see FireFall and artstyle I fell in love and immediately sepend 100$ for Founder pack
    When I see this... So sad thats past days in FireFall is can't be returned
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  19. IAmJohnGalt

    IAmJohnGalt Deepscanner Em-8ER Contributor

    Well since everyone else is praising this I guess I will be the one to say some things I dont like about it.

    The lower legs and feet still look like crap to me "chicken legs".
    The spine area thing is too skinny looks like it would snap like a twig under the weight.
    The hands look weird.
    The arms seem way longer than the legs which makes it look odd.

    There ya go some things I dont like about it.

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