Friday Update: Kaiju in Em-8ER!

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Mar 31, 2017.

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  4. Wyntyr

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    Good article! I found a couple of cool Easter eggs in there:

    1. "They also began to breed and enhance their own unique kaiju..." so kaiju pet breeding for players confirmed.

    2. "The Tsi-Hu feast upon their enemies in beast form..." also no res for you in this game.

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  5. MattHunX

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    So, when a Kaiju feeds and gets stronger (with whatever attributes are boosted) with each feeding, can it get infinitely more powerful if it manages to chow down on, say, a dozen victims, or will its buff/evolution have a cap at e.g.: 5 feedings?

    Will the Reapers be eventually able to reverse-engineer Tsi-Hu technology and build e.g.: something like an "organic-armor" for themselves or their frames that could have self-repairing/self-regenerating capabilities and the like? Or just enhance gear with bits and pieces of Tsi-Hu tech? Better heat-sinks? Filtration? Power output?
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  6. Grummz

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    1. Hehe, not for players. It's a way to keep new kaiju bosses coming

    2. I never try to explain rezzing in games, it always leads to convoluted explanations that contort your fiction and end up in cloning tropes a lot.
  7. Grummz

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    Think of it as a beast kill-streak reward system. Will get stronger, might unleash special abilities. Def capped.

    Also, yes, I want players to be able to research Tsi-Hu stuff down the road.

  8. As7aro

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    Hi, Im' french and I have some troubles to understand some things. Someone can explain me when the game launches. Because I read it will be in 5-10 years , is it correct?
  9. Torgue_Joey

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    HAHAHAHA nah, that was just an April fool joke :p
  10. As7aro

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    Aha !! I was scared about that ! x) I hope it will launche before the end of year. Firefall miss me and I want to play a new game which is similar.
  11. Terricon4

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    I wouldn't expect it that soon, but there might be early playable builds that have some actual gameplay by that point.
  12. Torgue_Joey

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    Yep, That's too soon. But if you join the next Milestone, you'll be able to get the next/future playable Mockup (like a little Demo version)
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    Salut ptit gars! Pour t'informer le truc qui est sortis aujourd'hui c'est le poisson d'avril donc juste une blague, rien à prendre au sérieux. Et sinon pour la date de sortie du jeux, je dirais entre 2ans et 2ans et demi, oui c'est long mais faire un jeux vidéo c'est pas facile.

    Oh and to ya'll wondering wtf I may be writing, don't worry about it. I'm just telling our new guy about da stuffs n all.
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  14. As7aro

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    Merci à toi ! Oui c'est long, voir très long ! Je ne sais pas combien de temps firefall avait été créé puisque je suis venu un an après sa sortie ! :) Bref, va falloir patienter
  15. Terib.Shadow

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    6 ans pour arriver à l'alpha de firefall, je te laisse imaginer.
  16. Rocketeer593

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    For a very rough estimate, I'd presume release within the year of 2020 (not by, within) if the level of funding is high. If funding only gets a medium yield, I'd presume within the year of 2022. I.E. 3-7 years depending on levels of funding, legal trouble, and worker competency.

    Remember, this an online Loot-Shooter (aka MMO-RPG-FPS [Refer to the "Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep" DLC for Borderlands 2]) that we are crowd funding, not your typical offline indie single-player game, as the minimum budget required for a decent game that requires near constant software and hardware maintenance is quite a bit higher.
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