Friday Update 2/17 - Animator and Rigger Found

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Grummz

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    I found a rigger and an animator. Rigging of the THMPR will start next week. After the rigging is done, it will go to animation. we plan to do a walk cycle and one or two emotes for the demo that you can trigger in the art exe.

    3D test model parts are being printed. I did polygon reduction and did a test print of the head so far in various sizes to feel out final size of bust. Shipping constraints will determine final size.

    Lore is at around 5000 words and will be around 7000 when first draft is finished this weekend, then we will do an edit and rewrite pass and post it asap.

    JoeSolo and I just finished the first round of feedback on the Omniframe rough blocking. When this is done expect the next step to be livestreaming the rest of the creation.

    Warren is at the coloring and detail stages of the Em-8ER pinup art we have coming for the vision book and for a new poster.
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  2. Xeevis

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    #first #inb4fooni

    Awesome news!
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  3. Torgue_Joey

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  4. ObsoleteVodka

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    Do you smell that guys? Is the aroma of progress!
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  5. Nunaden

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    very much progress, vodka :D
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  6. Mongoose

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    Good news indeed. Taking this as a good sign of things to come.
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  7. Wyntyr

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  8. Faeryl

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    Hey @Grummz
    Those are ALL AWESOME UPDATES!!! Thank you for sharing; it's VERY MUCH appreciated! Everybody will be VERY pleased to know what's happening and what is just over the horizon (aka: coming soon).

    By the way, when you are drafting, editing, and rewriting the LORE this weekend, just be sure you sit facing a wall, with no mirrors or any other types of reflective surfaces ... We don't want you to get distracted by plumber's crack again! LMAO! :D:D:D
  9. CAMMO

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  10. Mahdi

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    Facing 21 extra hours of work for the weekend? Feeling down? Not anymore. Well, im still working but....ya

    Thanks for the pick me up with a good update like this one.
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  11. RavenMoon

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    Nice! I have the utmost faith this is going to be my new jam one day! Hi to all the other FF vets here-it's really nice to see so many familiar names! I hope everyone has landed on some new enjoyable gaming experience to replace FF! For me it's very very heavily modded Fallout 4 ;D
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  12. DinsdaleP13

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    A bust instead of navel? What is this blasphemy?
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  13. Exoflame

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    Great stuff, keep it up! Can't wait to read that juicy lore.
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  14. Despair

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  15. DiBBz

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    this is getting exciting... so much so ive shaken everything off my desk!
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