Ember Reaches 20k Funding - New Poster Revealed


Boss Boss
Max Kahuna
Jul 26, 2016
Thanks Joe, YOU are great! And thanks everyone for the support!
I'm Tommaso Renieri, the Concept designer. I'm sorry for my lack on this forum but I'm working for you, guys :D
As soon as possible MasterMark™ will show to the world every piece of the EM-8ER puzzle we have the pleasure to bring to life. So, please continue with your feedbacks/impressions/critics (ok, not too many critics :D ), it's really important for us. See you and viva EM-8ER!
The veil parts..and the man reveals himself!

Stunning work, good sir.

And stoked to see the dev ranks filling up. Actually feels like we are part of 'building' something here. Stone upon stone, layer by layer.


Player One
Jul 26, 2016
I have to say, the THMPR looks awesome in that picture - I'm sure it will look just as good in game.

I'm also impressed with the progress and the way Grummz is going about the funding phase of the initial development. The milestones are easily achievable goals and are great chunks of progress in the right direction, done the right way. Well done all!


Tsi-Hu Hunter
Jul 27, 2016
Dupont, WA
Crisis avoided. It's safe to come back out of hiding children.
At least give me some baseline information otherwise I am forced to fill in the blanks with whatever random things the voices can scream at me. Trust me when I say there were worse alternatives to believe.