Em8ER Merch! Which would you rather see?

Em8ER Merch! If you had to choose one of the two, would you rather see:

  • Kaiju Plushies

    Votes: 47 23.0%
  • Waifu Pillows

    Votes: 19 9.3%
  • Why not Both!

    Votes: 90 44.1%
  • I'm not interested in Merch at this time

    Votes: 48 23.5%

  • Total voters


Omni Ace
Sep 23, 2018
Not sure if this kind of merch is suggested right now. People usually go out of their way to buy a plushie or a waifu pillow for something they have an emotional connection to. Waifu pillows are usually expensive for quality so you want one that you resonate with. Meanwhile the penguin plush from Star Citizen is so successful because of the emotional connection in game with the mascot.
Great future ideas though. Just not sure on the emotional dimension which drives sales right now


Ark Liege
Aug 19, 2016
I mean, beanies, scarves, t shirts, enamel pins, bags/backpacks/purses, figurines/statues, blankets, and goddess forbid, a hoodie. I would kill for all of these and more, especially if the Em8-er beanie was a slouch beanie, those super thin beanies you can wear in all weather's, or if we could customize the colors a bit. Say a black fabric with a green EM-8ER logo?

But plushies, and waifu pillows. This is a good start.


New Member
Ark Liege
Jul 17, 2019
I want both for my bed. If you make the dakimakura of the beautiful waifu with the abs, tan, and delightfully short hair you would force my hand into breaking my hug pillow viriginity. As a suggestion if this game really takes off I'm an avid figure collector and would put a whole lot of money into figures of this series. I know how complicated and unreasonable that possibility is but I can dream.
Likes: Myst
Jan 7, 2020
I liked the backer kit from Firefall with the poster and beanie, but as someone already said I am more interested in the game first, then merch. I spent hundreds on Firefall because I loved the game, especially the early beta play when the Chosen were legitimately threatening. Give me something I can sink my teeth into to that degree and I'll buy an Arc Liege pack. That would have my full and undivided attention. Until then, there is just too much else to play to risk a Star Citizen scenario, or an eternal beta like Firefall.