Em-8er Clan/Guild Branches(Concept idea).

Feb 14, 2017
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Was watching the stream today and watching it and following the conversation I had a moment of inspiration based on what was being planned for Em-8er with guild or clans.

The concept in general:
As was mentioned not everyone might be interested in combat and merely wants to trade/craft engage in industry type gameplay. The idea here is to have within clans the option to form departments/branches/corps(whatever you would like to call it really)As an incentive to have a baseline of activity and recruitment cycle bonuses can be assigned based on activity/revenue/resource gathering/total player count in a single branch and total player count in the whole clan/guild. And not game breaking bonuses but small buffs that would make sense and incentivize players to be active and specialize. with a max cap so you do not end up with massive guilds and drown out little guilds with people that want a tight-knit online experience, see this as let's say a max cap on a given bonus that caps out at around 1000 players in a guild. You can have more members but it would not give a larger bonus. Then each player can join a branch/department/corps and focus on their type of gameplay. You could also opt-in to give generic tags to each department so you can ID if someone is a merchant or a combat focused player, so clan tag + letter tag for each department.

Military/Combat/Battle focused:
The basic form of combat with players joining for fighting in large battles to defend bases etc, combat-focused and a bonus like *% increase in resistance allowing you to be more tankier that would help in staying alive longer.

Recon/Pathfinder/Solo players/Duo players:
Exploration type of gameplay that helps to look resources and find enemy generals and strong points. A bonus like ROF to give higher burst damage to GTFO and use hit and run tactics. Or a bonus along the line of electronics that would allow for greater detection range combined with a smaller ROF bonus. Guerilla style warfare over large scale battles like sniping they could be deployed in regular combat as well acting as spotter/snipers but would have to be protected due to lower damage resistance.

Your regular thumper, weaponsmiths, logistics, etc people that will spend most of their time mining and grinding to make more and better gear or send supplies to the front and maintain bases. As well as building defenses, Ammo dumps/field repairs in battle acting like combat engineers

The people who buy and sell and engage in trading as well as diplomatic stuff like recruitment etc. A bonus to speechcraft(higher sell and lower buy value's) and travel speed to move around faster a *% buff to that bonus.

Guild Leadership:
While you could be leading, for instance, the Industry department you could go to the guild menu and select any of the buffs from any other department from the menu a way to incentivize people for leadership and making sure people are. active. This goes for the Clan/Guild CO/XO and each of the department heads with their second in command.

I must stress that buffs should not be game breaking or extend in such a way no one wants to be in a smaller clan/guild but rather to incentivize to be in ANY guild/clan with an increase in bonus based on various factors I mentioned in the start of this post.

Anyway thanks for making the game i am looking forward to playing it!


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Jul 27, 2016
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Guilds/clans are going to be exciting stuff imagine they have as you say certain roles perhaps they want to do more than just 1 role and can switch to various roles on the fly just like the mechs they use.

So could a certain Mech you choose be assigned a role tag or more?
If so how many roles could the maximum be?

With buffs i am guessing this is going to be exclusive to the clan/guild what if there were randoms outside who joined your party would they benefit and receive such buff at the current % or would it be lower for them if not in a clan/guild?

I like the idea that we all benefit from contributing in our own way if it be combat, support, crafting etc etc

There is something for everyone to pick to go on and do their part.

Could imagine it be like this Example

Name: [Mr egghead]

Clan [Eggciting]

Alliance [New Yolk]

Mech Assigned [Light chicken 2000]

Position [Officer]

Primary Role [Combat Medic]

Secondary Role [Stim Specialist]

Mech 2 Assigned [Heavy Scramble]

Position [Recruiter]

Primary Role [Tanking]

Secondary Role [Merchant]

etc etc
Feb 14, 2017
My Planet
Not so much the mech but the player character the human, so you can do whatever you want with your mech layouts. I would see myself do some thumping and R&D besides combat since I do like to min/max my builds. The bonus is there to have people join guilds/clans and organize to keep the flow of battle on the map and the bonus is the incentivize to do so. But if you want to can start a smaller clan/guild and still get a bonus and work towards a bigger bonus by means of grinding and contributing towards the war effort. As far as having other people join a group you could set the bonus to parties so everyone gets the bonus also a good way to recruit people to show what you have in the proverbial kitchen.
But the bonus applies to clans and guilds so you must work together to get a better bonus and you would benefit as a group to put effort into all branches. As far as bestowing a 2nd tier bonus that could work as well you could even set the 2nd tier to clan contribution as a whole.