Em-8er Christmas Poem 2022


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Director of Marketing and Community
Jul 26, 2016
The days not over, and I am still here.
Now on with the poem for holiday cheer.

For the masses still with us, still faithful to Em-8er.
Let's walk down a lane I'm sure you'll remember.

Think back to that game many loved years ago.
That ignited a fire, so very deep in our souls.

Think of your thumper that you'd call down on demand.
Or the bike that you'd hop on and zoom across land.

The Arana would skitter and swarm on the ground.
Terror Claws would ball up and roll all around.

The chosen would take towers, pushing us out of our homes.
For their strange fascination with collecting Jawbones.

Do you still dream of jetpacks and mighty plasma cannons?
Have you wished for more gliding through valleys and canyons?

Then perk up your ears and open your eyes.
For the fire, once fallen, has a spirit that thrives.

Don't lament what's lost, because the future is brighter.
We'll be back in the action as the loyal Gatestriders.

So join me in raising a toast to what's coming.
As we thank you, for what you do, to keep this place running.

You inspire us to create the world in our vision.
To keep working for this community, is our primary mission.

We are gamers, we are players, of the digital kind.
So I'll end this in a language that's both yours and mine.

My body is ready
I am excite...
Merry Christmas to all,
And to all... A DEEPSTRYKE!