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Jul 28, 2016
Some very handy straight forward self defense moves and the spinning move was the best!
Yea i like the idea, to defend without increasing the level of tension.
But ofc this wont work in all situations, vid dont take into account if the aggresive subject desides to use the legs, but agasint random drunk agression on a weekend night, this prolly works.
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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Some alternative tips:

- Have a pet & train it to bite punks in the butt with a command

- A can of deodorant can make you smell good you could make the punk smell good and annoy their eyes to escape.

- Distract the punk by dropping fake monies on the floor and look in horror asking for it back especially good on windy days... while the punk is distracted to get fake monies make your escape.

- Shout & make deranged sounds with some strange movements, the punk will think you are a nut case and may avoid you.

- If you can run, run to the nearest restaurant/shops and using the tables/objects to help keep your distance.
Perhaps others will help in the meantime use main course meal dishes and throw at the punks face to overwhelm.

- Have a fake poolice badge show them and talk them down tell them you are undercover and if they co-operate they wont go to jail! Hopefully the punk is dumb and will co-operate during this time tell the punk to keep watch of a red car for 5-10mins and if it moves, walk near to the lamp post. Make your escape the punk is looking at a red car!

- Keep your mini crochet set with you if the punk gets too close jab the knitting needle in the butt or on the thigh let the punk howl in pain while you escape. Sadly you lost one needle you can get another one from the super market.

- Have a bright light and put it in pulse mode they may think its a disco and look slightly stunned, stamp the punk on the foot just how super mario does gooba stomp or kick in the jewls and make your escape

- Offer to be nice and give them a cake they may just have had a bad day and taking it out on someone else. If it works the punk is eating cake and is not a punk anymore for the time....slowly make your escape!
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