Christmas Poem 2021


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Jul 26, 2016
It’s Christmas in Em-8er, so yes, it’s the time.
For me to bring you a holiday rhyme.

We know Grummz has the vision for Em-8ers true mission.
We have the best devs with the skill sets to bring it to fruition.

The community team handles our members with care.
Cause without every one of you, none of us would be here.

This year’s been a wild one, for team em-8er and friends.
Building foundations, new features, and waifu’s without end.

We’ve seen new pet’s, a space truck and mecha designs.
A new landscape, where the ground breaks, and lets us inside.

The art pass is on full blast and will blow you away.
We will blitz you all with the visuals in the upcoming days.

When it comes to the Kickstarter, I’m sure we will have victory.
I don’t need a crystal ball I just look at our history.

Every milestone we laid out, you blew so far beyond.
Em-8er is inevitable, that you can count on.

We set goals out in front of you, and each one did you own.
In fact due to our sub numbers, our mech options have grown.

The light frame is the fastest and most agile combatant.
Dual power fists, that never miss, if that’s how you build it.

The heavy frame gets the biggest most powerful guns.
And a great shield you can glide on or guard your loved ones.

The medium you’ve played and love it already.
It’s got just the right balance between force and tenacity.

But it’s about more than a game, or time at a screen.
What’s most special about Em-8er, is that we all believe.

Your generosity this year has been inspiring truly.
Sharing good vibes, through these hard times, has meant so very much to me.
On behalf of team Em-8er, may your holidays be bright.
Merry Christmas to all. And to all… A DEEPSTRYKE!


Kaiju Slayer
Fart Siege
Welcome Wagon
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Em8er should not forget the Husbandos and pets and vehicles,
some like the vroom vroom and some like to go boom boom.

This year is one of the poopiest for sure as prices for computer
parts soar, yet Em8er sets optimization standards well to help us all.

Its snowing in Em8er you can even dig a hole like a mole and not escape.
The tsihu will never find you perhaps later in the future update!

I am glad we are all still alive, even the tsihu wonder why, "Oi" calls a voice it is just your
A.I that is making sure your not going off course.

A healthy Reaper goes a long way, eat and drink responsibly
and dance like those wonderful A,I malfunctioning!


Kaiju Slayer
Fart Siege
Welcome Wagon
Happy Kaiju
Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
I like to share a poem called Truck truck goose, enjoy otherwise don't but i have its good :D

2022 the news of the Univeral covidio MAXimus flu,
Its scary for some apart for the Reapers.

High up the floating castle with A.I and Beepers.
My mama told me not to get too cold, so i jumped in
the Mek and nodded away in an odd kind of way.

We met in the hall to hear the announcements of the space truckers
cruise day. A mek or a truck which one would they choose hmm
muttering to myself while patting my goose.

A Kaiju sneaked in, with big stinky breathe & put most of the citizens out cold what a stench.
Quite a bold move or a stupid one for the kaiju, it began to charge and went across woooosh.

"HONK HONK" the goose is on the loose alerting the trucks to move.
Space truckers deploy they chase the kaiju round and round!

The kaiju spun and spun.. dizzy from such spinning and fell down from the sky.
"Wds45iuashisuLfhifis" the kaiju wailed flailing its clawy arms, then plop forming a beautiful shaped pie.

Opened my eyes and realized it was all a dream having fallen out of my mek could not believe.
Just you wait. one of these days i'll be a Reaper too! or in the space trucker crew!

The goose honked with certainty and flew up to the red moon with the numbers appearing 2023.
Meanwhile a rabbit from the deepest depth popped out i am free bawhaha