Chief Chat! Thursday, December 10th at 10:00 AM PST

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Jul 26, 2016
Merry Mecha Monday Reapers!

Thursday, December 10th at 10:00 AM PST (UTC -8), is the next Chief Chat!

Grummz will be doing a LIVE reading of Chapter 3 from the Gatestriders novel AND later, he'll talk about the next demo (and maybe even spill a bean or two)!

Join us, and bring your questions about Em-8ER you've been waiting to ask! There will be raffles and prizes!

You may want to grab a cup and sit down, because we have a rather HEAVY surprise to share!

The Chief Chat will take place in Discord!
Invite Link: em-8er

For those who need it- here is the timezone Breakdown below:
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Jul 27, 2016
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Merry Mecha Monday Reapers
This is great poetry i'll add to it :D

Merry Mecha Monday Reapers,
from all around dont hate you party poopers.

A new demo arrives makes me wheeze,
Not to worry its not under control by the Chinese.

Saying that ..they do epic kungfu
However in this case in meks you wont catch the flu

Reaper peeper watch out the creeper,
The hills getting steeper to reach the gatekeeper!

So get ready boys and girls the show is about to start
My excitement has gone off the charts!
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