Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion


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Jul 25, 2016
Terricon, eagle eyes as usual!

The deformations on the humans are due to the fact that we don't have custom anims for it yet, and the retargetting was hasty. Once we have our own anims in, the weird bends and bulges will dissappear.

As we are pressed for time to get the KS going, after we fix the anims, we most likely will not be tweaking the glowstripes. The octal pattern being missing on the male is something we might do. Since the demo is all about the Omniframes, we will be looking at doing our fixes there that you pointed out.


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Jul 26, 2016
So I finally got time to check out the art build!!! It was so exciting just seeing that login screen. I am going to record my thoughts as I encountered them, I am not grabbing pictures as alt tabbing out of the game almost completely froze up my system for some reason. Some of these comments may have already been brought up in earlier posts.

1. Massively overly sensitive mouse. At first I couldn't even move because simply bumping my mouse slightly caused the character to whip around in circles until I was physically dizzy. I lowered the mouse sensitivity in the settings to almost minimum before this was under control. However, even at that point the movement on the screen lagged behind by around half a second anytime I moved the mouse quickly This would make an actual game unplayable for me as you need precise controls.

2.Height difference between male and female characters. I don't know if this is an issue exactly but I did notice the female characters barely came up to the males shoulders. Was this intentional? Will we be able to have any control over our character height in the final game? Having an unisex omniframe seems like the guys and girls heads would be in dramatically different locations, making it a bit awkward for the frame user.

3. The music....was awesome!!! and also drowned out Marks voice sometimes. What was played seemed perfect for a login music, but I think once you are in game the music needs to have a much more even volume. Sometimes the music dimmed when I activated one of the talk pannels, but the first one didn't so I missed out on what was said.

4. The new omniframe is HUGE!!! at least compared to the Mk. 1. The Mk. 1 looked a lot more like something you put on and wore. The Mk2 size feels more like a vehicle. With that does the humans's feet move in relation to the omniframe, I've had this question since the beginning and never really got a satisfied answer, neither one allows you to bend your knees but it does look like you would have to move your hips, that could be very uncomfortable I'd think over a long period of use. Again, the difference between an augmenting frame and something you piolot.

5. Yay for the THMPR!!! but where is the collapsed version? In the first demo the thmpr fell from the sky and you got to see its unpacking animation, which leads me to assume that the collapsed thmpr is already there. Would have been nice to have that visual also in the art build just to see how it looks/works.

6. The Cat 1 Kaiju looked pretty sweet, though I'm holding out on the functionality of that second mouth. It looks...well odd. Admittedly I think part of that is the uncanny valley scenario, it's a humanoid that looks similiar enough to earth type species we might encounter RL which makes the second mouth seem out of place.

7. Tsi-hu, my first thought was...will there be more than one gender for the Tsi-hu? 2? 3? If so will they look any different from the current model. Also wtf is with its butt... human butts are shaped the way they are due to the rear muscles being thicker towards the top than the bottom. Based on the existing shape I have to conclude that either A) There are giant fat deposits which simply happen to look like a human butt or B) There is a muscle that connects to nothing but the pelvic bone and thus has 0 purpose.


EDIT: I also wish to throw out there that anytime I alt tabed out of the demo, or put the demo in windowed mode and then switched focus to say Chrome, the game all but froze my PC. I ended up getting this error in windowed mode.

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Jul 26, 2016
I also forgot to add that the ferofluid spikes on the beast form tsi-hu I feel needs a bit toning down on its waviness. It really just looked like some polygons being stretched fantastically and so didn't look very natural. I also have no desire to get within 100 meters of one...this is going to be an issue when we throw all inclusive house parties.


Jul 26, 2016
Arizona, U.S.A.
Also wtf is with its butt... human butts are shaped the way they are due to the rear muscles being thicker towards the top than the bottom. Based on the existing shape I have to conclude that either A) There are giant fat deposits which simply happen to look like a human butt or B) There is a muscle that connects to nothing but the pelvic bone and thus has 0 purpose.
You have to remember the effects a lower gravity will have on dat ass.

You can also drop a THMPR in this build too, and it does the same animation.


Oct 1, 2016
thanks for making this game for us @Grummz. I've never been so excited about a game before. For what it is the art is lovely. I know it will only get better. And...the Mechs...Man those things look so dope. i stare at my screen for moments imagining what it would be like to pilot one. they're so fresh. Can't wait to see how they walk, run, jump and glide. Can't wait for the next installment =)
Jan 7, 2018
Also wtf is with its butt...
Hi All!

Last day I looked deeper into this butt-problem... (All respect to the colorectal surgeons...)

My ASSumption, that this is their suits they give this form to a tsi-hu BOTTOM, BUTT under the hood the muscles should work similar.
So maybe they BUGGERs are forced to act like that, and that psychical frustration the tsi-hu can not bear, so they are shooting like BUM-BUM-BUM...

At least they are not some assless chaps... :-D

Cheers: DoktOrk :-D


Jul 27, 2016
Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Thanks for the update! Now I can play smoothly with old card (Radeon HD 7870 2048Mb).

I have the same opinions mentioned by commentators above:
  1. beast form model need to increase maybe +10..30%
  2. ferrofluid spickes animation should be much more slow
  3. omniframe in my opinion should be 80% size, because I don't see how to comfortably sit into mech. how do it with BIG mech? climb up the omniframe's leg?
  4. I also use TAB button to jump between Login and Password fields and it uncomfortable that I should double press TAB.
  5. There definitely should be "Music volume", "Master volume", "Speech volume" options. Some people want to turn off the music, especially when activate the Kiosk
And I will add a little bit by myself:

1. THMPR and Kaiju models seems too big for me, I am afraid about of sizes Kaiju categories 5..6. Will their foots properly contact the surface? I think in the game land unter biggest Kaiju's legs won't have a deformations. So if THMPR and Kaiju already sooo BIG, Kaiju 5-6 may look unnatural.

2. maybe need to lower the "VIDEO | GAMEPLAY", I hardly found Mouse sensitivity option :D

3. add please in notification about version of demo or even better the date date.png

4. Not all people read about Art Demo buttons from discord or even forum, so: add please to root of folder the file
TAB — swap between characters
Wheel button — 1/3 view
С — call the THMPR
G — Tsi-Hu rage mode
X — rag doll mode
1,2 — THMPR animations
5. Black areas look like copypasta. Also I somehow feel that snow on the ice is generated on the red grid:

But I really excited that I had FF feelings in this demo. Even with raw animations! I really liked the Art Demo, and I am confident in the right direction of the game development ;)


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Nov 16, 2018
I'm trying the demo again, but I don't know the controls. I've mashed every key a couple of times and discovered a few, but I was once told there was a flying mode.

Due to the nature of this forum, I have no idea how to find my old posts, and the search feature doesn't let me search with my tiny username. :)

Is there a list of controls somewhere?
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Jul 26, 2016
Here's the controls list:

G: activate Tsi-Hu aggro mode
X: rag doll mode
Left Shift: sprint
Space bar: jump
Tab: switch between male and female human models
Middle mouse button: switch between first person and third person

C: call down THMPR

After calling the THMPR
: Press 1 to make it laugh
: Press 2 to make it drill

\ Key: Free Cam mode

In free cam mode
: Space to move vertically up
: Left Shift to move vertically down
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Jun 25, 2017
Hey everyone, Fairyl pointed me here to share my experience, so I will :)

Loving the open omni-frames probably my favourite part of what I've seen so far.

Performance wise (specs below), just one thing I noted: if I launch the game into "Epic" video settings @ 1080p I get about 28-31 FPS, however in the same session, setting the resolution to 4k with the same video settings (8-9FPS), then back to 1080p, the framerate maxes out at about 18fps.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17134 Build 17134
Intel Core i5 6600K @ 3.50GHz
Corsair Vengance Pro 32GB DDR4 3000
Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 (U3E1)
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI)
XB321HK ([email protected])
DELL U2312HM ([email protected])
Oct 3, 2018
Anybody else feel that the "skull shaped chest plate" on the Kaiju is far too cheesy?

It's not intimidating, i just walked around imagining it quoting lame spawn and punisher lines from the 90's.

The spine maw looks awesome, i have no complaints about anything beyond the kaiju chest.