Chief Chat about Omiframe Gameplay Systems - coming March 25th, 2PM.


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Jul 26, 2016
Chief Chat incoming!

It's that time once again. Grummz himself will be on Discord to talk about the Omniframes gameplay systems and the new THMPR animations. This is your chance to ask questions, offer feedback and just plain soak up the information.
If you're hungry for information on the Omniframe make sure you check out this weeks update! If you want to learn about the T.H.M.P.R. animation click here.

Chief Chat is this Saturday, March 25th, at 2 pm PST. I'll see you there.
Hmm.... not sure I like how the frame weight categories are different in how many slots they get.

The light frames should be getting more slots specially for movement and sensor upgrades/components, rather than an unrestricted increase to the amount of slots, and heavy frames should be getting more slots specially for shields, as well as an additional armor module (assuming they exist instead of a flat upgrade based armor bonus). And for the extra weapon slots on light and medium frames, they should have flexible slots (slots that can take a melee or ranged weapon) rather than a flat increase to slot count with that extra slot locked to a specific type of weapon. If it is going to be a flat increase of a locked slot for lights and mediums, and they can use two weapons at the same time like Salvador's Gunzerking rather than an extra backup weapon, then a large increase in time to change weapons or other penalty should be in order.

Also, ether the Reaction cores should be upgradeable as to allow for better power recharge, capacity, and having more and/or better modules installed, or the modules themselves can be upgraded to use less power and/or better quality modules use less power. Melee should not deal more to shield if its able to have some of the damage it ignore/bypass shield at the same time, although you could have a type of side-graded that is addable to melee weapons that does both, but reduces melee attack rate by a moderate amount. And a type of "Quick" melee for when you need to punch something without briefly swapping out your preferred ranged/support weapon would be ideal.


Jul 26, 2016
As an idea...would need another object and programming...but the nostalgia...

What if, along with the THMPR deployment, there was a container that landed nearby for resource collection? As it is filled to capacity it's launched back to your base. The next container is dropped in when the current container hits 90-95% capacity and the filled container lifts off when the new container hits 5-10% capacity (basically no quick lift offs). This allows for no "magic pants" and perhaps something else other than the THMPR to defend. If the reaper team decides to bolt for whatever reason the THMPR picks up the newest container, mounts it to its back, then starts to head to the base. Basically a quicker removal than waiting for the container to launch itself. If there is a full container still on the ground, it was already in lift off prep mode so you only have to wait for it to finish and launch before following your THMPR (talk about some team work/coordination). Just one players idea...
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