Can't buy things in store


Jul 15, 2021
Trying to buy a couple skins in the store, but there's no buttons below the item descriptions.
The only entry that shows "buy" or "gift" options is the Bad Backers decal. Yes, the other items pictured are already in my account, but it looks the same for items that I don't have associated with my account.
Trying to get the Freya and Selusha items.
Have tried in Firefox, Edge, and also Brave (on mobile). Same results in all browsers.

If I missed it, that sucks, but, more importantly, you should update the store when the sale ends.


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Jul 27, 2016
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Some sites have a timer appear that shows how long before the sale is finished.
This is also good for anyone around the world to worrying less on when it ends including time zone differences!

Perhaps this is a good way to know when chief chats are starting too with a quick look at the forum and there it is.

From my view when using links & not logging in see the 50% discount symbol also

Newcomer backers pack (All purchase option is shown)

General Store (Only Bad Backer shows purchase options)

M3 Milestone (No purchase options shown)

When login in see still all have 50% discount for them and the bad Backer only available for purchase, the Newcomer packs all purchase as gift only & for the M3 milestone there is no options that i can see.

Don't think you missed it yet, it seems the sale is still on from what is shown and hope you & anyone else can get what your after.