Burning Ember

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    Burning Ember
    One Afternoon
    We find ourselves in a mining town, the area is red and dusty. There’s very little signs of water with two suns hanging in the air, one blue half the size of the other white star; they sit in the horizon slowly disappearing behind to show a blue moon casting long shadows across the scene.

    In the distance is a scooter, speeding towards the town. Two people get off and walk their way inside. Shots can be heard and flashes of light come from the windows, complete silence. The two run out and jump back on the scooter, and leave but get thrown back by a red pulse across the entrance and fall into a heap. Light appears to the left as a battle suit appears and applies a second pulse to the two bandits.

    Humanity is in the age of mining resources, also known as the “Dig Era” where teams go out and gather resources to develop better research and manufacturing technologies, each broken up into teams to develop and refine to legendary status. This has past the “Explore Era” and the “Expansion Era” where finding class M planets to inhabit and for larger cities to encompass worlds. People live and die within cities and strict population controls exist to maintain a sustainable level of city life which also means that no new development is needed, also known as ration 1;1 living and Galaxic Credits are the currency although resource exchange still occurs on some planets.

    Therefore, there are older areas that have relics (spaceships, villages, abandoned cities) that are from the explore and expansion era, locations that have succumbed to the hydrazine gas that envelops planets rich in resources that the The Puna Viisi left to make planets uninhabitable to only the Yhdeksan Xeno.

    A relic of the formed governments of the past, the emergence of the User Council has developed a standard of care and protection for users. There are no elections or political infighting as all services and resource management is provided equally to all planets under the protection of the User Council. This has provided a relative haven for citizens. There are however some limited resources that get allocated to key planets.

    Citizens can travel by foot, vehicle, glider or via the dimly lit TransNet corridor which is a pocket of hyperspace that allows you to travel vast distances via gateways scattered across the universe. Also as a side effect of using these is that it transforms the user into a black round sphere with white circular lines, but no harm has so far come to the users.

    The more conventional glider has come along way with the adaptation of a loader that propels users high into the air allowing them to travel further.

    The Puna Viisi
    They were the opposing forces of the users, defeated in a war during the Expansion era, there are rumored to be some legacy forces but according to the User Council, they have all been eliminated and pose no threat, other than the Yhdeksan.

    Yhdeksan Xeno
    Traveling along the hulls of transports, the xeno have been able to ‘spread like rabbits’ across the universe and because of their ability to adapt to the host planet, evolve into the dominant and aggressive lifeform, more aggressive than the Puna Viisi according to the User Council.

    The Visitor
    We open up to a scene of a clean white room, our character is dressed in white infact appears to have no body. We can move around the room and see a bollard rise from the floor to reveal a pad. the visitor presses on the pad to reveal a character creation scene. Once completed we motion out the door to a white lit hallway, at one end is a blinking blue light that indicates to be pressed. Above the door is the words emergency drop pod, to be used in emergencies. The visitor presses on the button and steps inside the pod. It shakes and spins uncontrollably, infact it's not safe at all. it crashes out and the screen goes blank then extreme white to reveal the visitor has arrived at a random location with nothing located in sight except a tall spire far in the distance, a gun is on the ground in front. the visitor picks it up and is shown how to equip it.

    The journey begins.
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    Thanks for the fanfic :) I think you'll see Crixa has already progressed in some areas, but others will likely be compatible with stuff you've written here.
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    Interesting. I like the fact that we can see successful mechanics and plot devices returning from Firefall, but as well there is enough flare to look forward to with ember. Its awesome to such passion behind it all so keep up the drive and passion!
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    Just strap me into my over-engineered codpiece with rocket boots, and I'd be happy. OH, and throw in a plasma minigun I can carry, with a close-range teleporter orb, and I'll be right at home. :3
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    I think if random unexpected things happen ingame, it adds to the experience.

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    Give me a med-kit and a medium rifle. Sign me up for duty. Oh, I need some Pez.
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    Don't we all.

    Oh, by the way, I'm all for random encounters. Just make sure it does not sound like cringe-inducing slash-fanfiction. Yeesh.
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    Very nice text, congratulations.

    I want to know if this is the official lore or is it still in development, open to suggestions? If the latter, I have some comments about two entries, as follows:


    On this entry, I was thinking if wouldn't be enteresting if those Gateways cause infertility on the human race in the space (see more ahead). Ingame, upon first Gateway travel, players would have to choose a permanent debuff for their characters on a window list.


    Here, I believe it could be enteresting if this "undefined" person could be a clone. Following the infertility problem caused by the Gateway travel I'd bring on the last comment, humanity in space had to rely on cloning to keep reproducing and perpectuing the species.

    More or less like this:

    First - Conciousness.

    In the beggining, it could be shown a clone lab full of clone cocoons. The camera goes through this cocoons corridor as it were an incorporeal sensient being hearing something calling for it down the corridor. It follows this path until it finally reach a room where it finds a kind of cirgury room which has a lifeless-faceless body lying on a table, wires strap on its body, connected to machinery (ressurection machines). There are some medics around the table, all looking very uneasy with the current situation, when one of them, holding one object on each hand, yells something like "Increase the voltage and stay back!" Then he/she touchs the body and the camera sudden goes through a fast-speed-white-tunnel ending into a blinding white light. Slowy, the blindness disapears and vision returns, showing the face of the doctor which was yelling before, with a big smile on his/her face and telling relieved "By God, you made it!"

    Second - The Clone.

    Still confused about what was happening, the clone, after going through a mirrored corridor, find itself into a mirrored room, tied on a stretcher. Looking in one of those mirrors it discovers it has no facial hair nor mouth and colorless iris. A bit scared, it tries to free himself by force, making it look the rest of its body, which is atletical, but not enough to break the ties that bind him in place. The strecther is then moved to another room, where it falls on a queue with others "faceless", waiting for entering a big machine. In fact, it is so long its end can't be seem from where it is. One by one, the "faceless" enter the machine and, when player's character finally enter it, all become dark...

    (Then the character creation and customization kicks in. After that, the player's character exits from the other side of the machine)

    Third - Training.

    Waiting for the PC (Player's Character) on the machine's exit there is an assistant, which leads the PC to an Holotec Room (Firefall's Battlelab equivalent, similar to the X-Men's Danger Room). And tutorial starts.


    - That Gateway infertility leading to mass cloning production was based upon Cylons Organic Clones (Battlestar Galactica), so when a character dies, its conciousness is redirected to nearest clone lab (if any, see below). This could lead to intriguing stories inside Ember universe.

    - In case there were no clone labs around, its corpse would lay on the killing place for some days (how long TBD). If the player really wants to claim its possessions again, he/she would have to create a gearless character on starting town and make him/her way to there again to interact with the former PC and take his/her items back. This is based on Diablo 2 death system.

    I hope you like idea. It could allow many plots to Ember lore.

    Thank you for you attention.

    Best regards.

    translated by Fabricio21RJ
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    Oh this is Fan Fiction. I believe that the lore is evolving as there's a few bugs to be ironed out as like the Xeno are not sentient so I thought of how some friction things can be made. I've, in some ways taken parts from Anarchy Online, Firefall and Planetside 2 of all things.
    The thing I like about how Ember is organically growing than some manufactured process. The last thing we'd like to see is something that's came out of a sausage machine and made a default of one.
    If you hadn't known already, there's a lot of cultural references made in FF which was a really nice creative and interesting thing, I'd really love to see that wacky element, it makes it fun.
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    I'm all for some saucy encounters with some guy's fanfiction.net heartthrob, as long as they don't get offed a la Zoolander.
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