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Jul 26, 2016
Montana, US
I applaud you, Maven. Damn, perfectly worded! Not that we need to keep talking about Grummz's balls, but he does indeed have a pair! Or maybe he does have a third one...hanging from his navel. We don't honestly know how far his sci fi fetish goes!

But jokes aside, people with better understanding of business processes would know that IF that bus worked, the marketing pitch from that advertisement would have been paid itself off on the first road trip. Next point you brought up, everyone is to blame. And spot on with it being a learning experience. I always have that question in the back of my head of why do people continue to ignore Grummz's ENTIRE resume? My goodness the dude has a great track record.

When you are the leader, you take the hit for a things going wrong. Being a manager at my job, I certainly understand taking responsibilities for everything. For myself, I believe in the entire team and find it very comforting knowing Grummz wont have his hands tied or cuffed in any way on this project. How receptive he has been to the community is awesome. Forgot what chief chat it was when Torgue said he wants nukes. What was Grummz's reply? F#$k, why not have nukes! Torgue wants nukes, I have to put nukes in the game. Man that cracked me up. That and how Grummz has referenced "nuclear launch detected" from Star Craft many times.

Anyways, my bad all. Got carried away before coffee this morning. So damn excited about Em-8er.


Sep 9, 2016
I will agree that Mark has a vision and we are all in to help make the vision happen and be seen. The enthusiasm for this new undertaking is just WOW . You can tell most of us were from FireFall and know what can happen here by all the excitement. Hope I didn't offend anyone just giving my 2 cents. You are also right about the leader is going to take the hit for those under him it goes with the position. I for one did read some of Mark's accomplishments, because he just couldn't do all of that without some experience and knowledge. I think we are in good hands .