3D Printing Tests and THMPR Rigging for Animation

Discussion in 'Ember Art & Design Updates' started by Grummz, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Yay! 3D printing is fun.(when it goes smoothly)
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  3. Terricon4

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    And that took awhile to get around to reading. Was thinking that if these will have bases you could add a bit of terrain to help support it if needed. Was an option I took with some of my own miniatures (though not 3d printed, the idea remains the same).

    When I watched the rigging video though I noticed a couple things.
    • The drill didn't look like it could spin independently of that forearm section with the controls I saw/they showed. Might want to double check to make sure they add/added that. Should barely take a minute to add if they missed it.
    • Noticed lots of little rigging boxes around parts of the chest/torso plates. Do parts of those fold out or are they just there to vibrate/shake those a little to add to the feeling of movement?
    • 73,564 tris, all those rounded areas really add up. Mixed with the torso rigging boxes of unknown purpose makes me wonder if this mesh has some more details on it's insides or something that fold/extend out for something, cause it seems a bit higher than I'd have first guessed looking at that mesh. That or half of those are all being taken up by the drill...
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  4. Faeryl

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    You know, the 3D Printing looks like fun ... except for the hours and hours of waiting... and the trial and error part. :D:cool:

    Thanks for sharing that short video of the THMPR rigging; it's really COOL to see how all the parts are going to move! @Grummz I DO have one question though ... Do the arms move at the shoulder joint too, or just the arms and their appendages? :):cool:
  5. Terricon4

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    Pretty sure it's got the shoulders rotatable (they normally aren't rigged in with the arms IK chains, but moved manually), see those two round discs around each sholder but somewhat embedded into the model in areas? Normally those would be for the shoulder joints, and the model itself does show a narrowing there to imply that it will go into another ball and socket joint or such there.

    EDIT: And while not quite done and as pretty with only the final controls showing, if you're interested I could post a few pics of the underlying rigging for the Heavy Frame (fan work) that I've been doing for Em-8ER in an imgur album or something with basic descriptions of the parts/how it works if you're interested in rigging.
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    Really appreciate the weekly update. Keep it up!
  7. Pandagnome

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    This is superb will there be a see through one i can imagine adding little led lights setting it in different poses as it illuminates
    the em8er dvd-rom pack!
  8. Fac3man

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    did u buy a printer for that? what about using slm instead of fdm? guess the thmpr would look great printed in stainless steel
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  9. Grummz

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    Yep, the THMPR has a lot of tris because its a very large object on screen. There is some inefficiency with internal mesh that we can probably optimize down the road.

    As for the extra rigging, the plates do not unfold. They may move or we may remove those bones if they don't add much to the expressiveness of the MEK/A.

    Also yes, we need to fix the drill so it rotates independently!
  10. Grummz

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    I've had the Zortrax m200 printer for a year now. It's a great printer. The real issue is that the THMPR is a very complicated object to print with all of its overlapping and nested panels.

    Plus, the game model of the THMPR doesn't actually need to connect those panels to anything. So when you try to print it as a physical object, it just falls apart.

    The good news is that I've complete the remodeling of the THMPR and have completed a production ready print. Took about 3 days straight working in zBrush to add keys (think Tab A, Slot B) and lots of test prints.

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