2 Years ago to the day Firefall begun the countdown to the end.


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Jul 26, 2016
Depending on your timezone, April 26th-27th was the point where Firefall added the last patch that killed the game, This is where we got the level rise and ER level change, also where we got a whole new world with almost no mobs and an impossible to beat world encounter.

We thought we were getting thumping back as for a few days, Thumpers worked, till they didn't....

We got a new bane, which we could solo after a week as long as we had the bots to get in.

This screen shot is my last picture of the heady days that were level 30

Gordro_Apr-26-2016_Sertao_1_p13.png Gordro_Apr-26-2016_Sertao_1_p13.png
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Dec 15, 2016
Funny thing is that I stopped playing the moment Firefall was on its last legs. It became too grindy and it felt empty. Minerals were removed to only 4 compared to the vast list the day I joined. Vertical progression like the elite ranks were a joke; my highest was about 80 yet doesn’t seem to have any real practical use from it and I don’t even know if there was a cap. Missions were bugged and sometimes doesn’t register objective completion so you can’t progress further. The most redeeming factor to me was Bane/kana before everything changed to the patch wherein ADS alt fire for secondary.

Does anyone have/had withdrawal syndrome up to now?