2 points of discussion for skins


Ark Liege
Nov 6, 2018
The 2 points i want to discuss are these
1 ) Pilot skins needing a 2 layer system (inner and outer)
2 ) [Almost] All pilot skins should should be wearable by both gendres.

For the first point, with the release of the new Marigold skin and the mecha body that comes with it i quickly realized that by wearing the torso of it i would not be able to wear any other skin that is clothing over it. So the solution would be to have 2 layers/types of skins, Inner and Outer.

Inner would be things that change the actual body of the character or that are almost like a second skin like all G-suits, Marigold torso, and any other skin of that sorts

Outer would be anything that is loose clothing or that is worn over everything else such as the AKTA Female uniform, Lucretias coat, the Tekwear skin jacket, and other such items.

some skins might be usable in either slot like Abbys/Pexs tanktop.

I feel that this is a must for character customization and let people really make characters there own.

For this point we just need to look at the currently available skins and we can see that there are only 4 Male skins compared to the 14 for Females. Now Grummz has said that sexy skins are what currently draws the most attention and gets new subs, which is the goal, but assuming this pattern continues any one playing a male character will feel undervalued when they compare the immense number of skins for females vs males. And since most skins are obtainable in game this would also remove an immense amount of content from the eyes of male character players since the main reward of X activity is said outfit.

So the solution is to just make Almost all skins the ability to be worn by both genders. As a point of reference i will refer to FF XIV were all armor sets obtainable in-game can be worn by both genders. This includes both casino Bunny outfits, 2B's outfit (i've seen countless males wear the high heeled boots) and plenty more. Now they still do have gender specific outfits in the store like princess dresses, short skirted yukatas, wedding dresses, school outfits and such but those are only obtainable in the real money store and are clearly labeled.

If we come back to Em8er and look at all the currently available skins the only one that struc me as a truly female only skin is the Akta Female uniform. All the other skins could easily be worn by either gender (yes i'm including the bunny suit and the feli skin here) and would allow for greater male character customization and eliminate the feeling of male characters being less tailored to or rewarded. This comes with the added bonus of letting female characters wear things like the arch duke suit and the Tekwear outfit.

Doing this would also increase the perceived value of each months new skin because it would no longer be either male or female but just a skin that any one can wear possibly increasing monthly subs.
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