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    Two streams planned today!

    We have two stream exciting streams planned today. We will be using our official YouTube channel here! If you are not already it would be a good time to subscribe to the channel. As time moves along with the game we expect to be post more video about our progress. The first stream will take...
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    AMA with Grummz tomorrow on R gaming! <Completed>

    Saturday March the second at 5 pm pst Grummz, AKA the fabulous Mark Kern will be holding on AMA on the subreddit Gaming. Grummz will be answering all your deepest question for at minimum one hour. A link will be provided to the subreddit at the end of the post! When the AMA goes live a new link...
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    Spam Thread - Madness revised

    The most important part of a government is that those with the keys to power are supporting the would be leader. I doubt it will be good. Oil makes up a large part of their income. The army is paid by the oil sales so unless oil sales drop there will be no change in power. Basically the army is...
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    Em8er ingame

    Steam market is amazing for trading and selling of common resources. So using a similar system but with ingame money will stream line a lot of early game part building. For custom equipment that Warframe stand idea would great. Not all custom equipment will have a standard price nor easily...
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    Em-8ER, a year in review

    2018 was a great year for Ember. I am hoping for a solid 2019. It is going to be a lot of hard work but it will be all worth it if we can as a community make the Kickstarter a success.
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    I believe I know what is happening here. Grummz did at one point have about 1 milliion dollars of funding for a game. This was however for his last game called Voxelnauts. Grummz left the project after what I could only imagine was hell with investors. Ideas they had for the game were very much...
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    I thought we were doing the DVA from Overwatach thing. You would pop out of your destoryed mech and run around waiting for your new one to come in.
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    M3 Giveaway Now Closed!- Thanks for participating. See you during the next giveaway.

    Grants to all the winners. I hope you all upgrade your packages. We still have some bikes left I believe. Might have to check in the back.
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    I am finding great enjoyment in the simplest of things

    Half the time you guys will wonder what I am doing and why. The simple answer is that I am amused and will continue till I am not longer amused. You can quote me on that.
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    Thing 1 and Chocolate Thunda
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    This game is becoming a joke

    Do keep in mind you don't need to collect everything. Just keep an eye out! The next build is an art showcase but the one after that should be the playable mock up.
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    If you arent paying attention to Warframe, then you arent paying attention to gaming

    Warframe is designed in a way that I do not find fair to player. It isn't everything, I JUST do not like the progression. It is designed to take as much time as possible to earn gear. Even as a paying player I found myself playing endless hours. It is part of how they keep you playing. Some main...