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    Playing the Em8er Demo

    I think they never booted the EU Servers up. Only the US ones.
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    Anthem. Anyone still salty / was salty that it failed. plus some extra talk.

    What a waste of a good ip. RIP
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    I take issue with the female skins

    Dont like it? Dont play it / ignore it.
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    Manufacture Company Names Ideas

    Ikeda Engineering Libra Electronics
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    Gaming setups! Gotta show 'em!

    Clean Dont look behind tho lol
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    Patreon signup date off

    Same. Only got the Lucretia and Lucretia-Part 2.
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    Suggestion for Demopacks

    Yes you get acces to older builds with the subscription.
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    Dumb female presentation

    It is certainly not a hentai game.
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    FF BETA BioFrame poison shot

    I know of a video where they used it to just spam around a thumper to keep the arachnas away. Sadly the person deleted or privatized all of their FF videos.
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    In need of a new game. Something to replace firefall till em8er.

    Well, my plan is to play Destiny 2 a bit further. And start playing Cyber Punk 2077 in November.
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    Em8er Groups & Alliances

    Probably a Raid focused group, that goes for high-end loot.
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    Sexual Dimorphism

    Oh please don't get the Gender Wars in this Game.
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    Repeating Mining Location Gradually Increases Difficulty

    I like the idea. That would replace upgrading the Thumper, if something like that would get implemented.
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    FireFall Community Memory Dump

    LVL 5 FireFall Steam Badge. Got it today.
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    Lifetime vip account in Firefall

    The Forums for Firefall are down, so no one can check if that is really you. Nothing can be done there.