1. viikoreaux#8848

    Firefall's Spiritual Successor...?

    Let me start by saying that I love Em-8ER and the ideas behind it. Mark Kern is a huge inspiration for me personally, and I genuinely, deeply respect and admire him and his ideas. I'm not attempting to flatter; I just wanted this to be understood before I give my feedback. I loved Firefall...
  2. Eygenikos

    Possible PVP idea

    Hey there! After reading through the forums about Em-8er's concept, ideas and progress, it has been said that the game will be fully geared towards PVE content. This is a good idea, as was said in those posts, open world PVP can be great if you're the type who likes to max out their gear and...
  3. cross-x

    My thoughts and ideas as a gamer and a designer

    There a quite a few things that i think most games need to recognize and i believe they will be expressed in this game. 1. Ranks should not represent over powered gear instead ranks should be based on skill such as counter strike or league of legends 2. Most games now should stick to a cost of...