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    Firefall Backer didn't get here in time, I guess I'm SOL?

    Guess that's the drawback on saying it's a spiritual successor of Firefall, people get the notation that there is a link, I would too if I didn't know the whole story :/ Edit - it's only in-game cosmetic shop currency as a gift , there has been a couple of funding campaigns and there will be...
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    Damn you YouTube....

    Thunder bumping bikes sound funny, just thunder bikes sounds way better lol
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    Em-8ER Upgrades - NEW BIKE - Limited Time Offer

    It is a rare opportitity for this to be offfered again too, im pretty sure.
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    What are you guys doing ?

    Same thing for Star Citizen as an original backer for that game, play other games, watch anime, been watching anime over a decade I can get you a list of ones you'd like if you tell me your interests
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    Mark Kern, Firefall fail responsable. Trump public supporter.

    I'm glad this community has gotten stronger over the years and not heeding to snowflakes or trolls. Everything has already been mentioned above. Everyone has their own opinion, are we all going to disband this project because of Grummz political views? Mundane trolling loool
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    Video Update 11 Posted

    I used discord back in its early stages in 2015, it has always been great, im glad you're going with it Grummz, stick to your guns! :)
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    Video Update tomorrow

    must be hats just kidding :P
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    EA, CNC, and more anger.

    Another EA game, their business model is the same as yesterday. But I hope it is fun, it won't top Clash Royal like they're doing, typically toon characters are more popular. But I hope it's fun
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    Video Update 10 - Test Levels, Omniframe Redux & Tsi-Hu Lore

    I think all the stuff added is good, in like the movement changes. Animation looks better, makes it harder to survive, but that's out of mech. Keep up the good work!
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    Frame Garage

    Not sure if I'm imagining it, but in think it was mentioned that when you're back at the main HQ base/s you jump out of your mek and use what would be a garage while outside of the frame to change equipment. But yeah as mentioned above, I think it was in the 1st chief chat, been quite some time...
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    EA, CNC, and more anger.

    1.4k likes vs 32k dislikes on the video, EA used to try to good games, now they only want your wallet lol, such a shame, i love CNC, red alert and tiberium wars even the expansions was good then too :o
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    Blockchain in gaming

    Should be pretty easy to add to the game. Tick box: brand weapon Having limited market listings is annoying, especially when you're a craft/forger and trader. Reached maximum listings on the 1st day on Bless online. I like what OP is proposing, if there can only be 1 person with your gamer tag...