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    YOOOO MY BEST BUDDDYYYYY this posting was sponsored by team ketchup

    YOOOO MY BEST BUDDDYYYYY this posting was sponsored by team ketchup
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    Christmas Poem 2021

    Merry christmas, and thank you mr lion for another wonderful christmas poem :cool: Stay hydrated and have a good one yall! imma go make myself some hot cocoa B)
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    New Em-8er Build - Unreal Engine 5 test!

    Hey good find! tried this with some people in demo talk, does crash the server LOL
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    New Em-8er Build - Unreal Engine 5 NANITE test - FEEDBACK

    I have not been in a few demos for awhile but WOW was i amazed when i popped in this latest demo! :D First off, logging in? the login screen alone gave me that nice experience Out of habit the first thing i did was glide! (got to admit one of my FAVORITE things to do!) and that's when the...
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    THUMPING RETURNS! First iteration - Feedback

    Sadly, I most likely will not be living up to my name and putting a giant wall of text but ill do my best c: First of all, gliding around? I LOVE the lil wind effects around the screen! WHOOSH! though its been awhile since i played the demo due to my PC having some downloading issues, i noticed...
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    [LATEST] Hundreds of Tsi-Hu attack!

    … You know what time it is. (im still sorry in advance) -Notes -With enough power from plasma, or missiles and a good enough group of Tsi-Hu it’s possible to still launch them up high in the air. -Not sure if its the speed of the current Overthrust state causing this, but if you use Overthrust...
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    :eek: me like alot me want to pew pew at the Tsi-Hu with it now ok but seriously its really good 10/10
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    HeineSnow Art Related??

    o_O Wow this stuff is REALLY good. i feel bad only finding this thread now lol. all this stuff is honestly really good keep it up! *imma just scroll through this thread again looking like an idiot admiring your work*
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    Hi Mr Mod c:

    Hi Mr Mod c:
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    Chief Chat and New "Tsihu Fight Back" Demo Build drops this Friday 2 pm P.D.T. March 19th, 2021!

    Congrats on giving the Tsi-Hu weapons! that's a huge milestone!! :) Here are some bugs I found.... (Im sorry in advance Dev Team!) -=-=controls=-=- -Double dash feels different ~holding space and double dashing gives you that airy feeling ~in the air, double dashing, gives a sudden stop on the...
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    Tsi-Hu Grappling build is LIVE!

    Demo mishaps, one again! (sorry if any are repeated!) -=MENU=- -Fullscreen with max resolution, the mouse cursor/selector is slightly off. NOTE: to fix this, simply go from 2nd highest res hit apply, then go to highest res apply, for it to be lined up properly. -clicking outside the personal...