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    Any of you play dwarf fortress?

    I used to play Dwarf Fortress all the time. Had some great lul's. I wasn't very good though, I usually just dug down to hell or an underwater ocean and drowned all my dwarves. Haven't played in years and had completely forgotten about it until I saw your post.
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    The Last Post Wins

    Ahem. Oh, hi. Did someone say bacon?
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    Ember Reaches 20k Funding - New Poster Revealed

    I go on vacation and I come back to this. Awesome job guys! I can't wait to see how the models turn out!
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    The Last Post Wins

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    I had hoped Ember would be Free to Play...

    I have to echo the people saying they're fine with initial cost/subscription. I think the F2P model is allowing too much room for game creators to release unfinished/unpolished products.
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    Fear is the Mind Killer

    Fear is the Mind Killer
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    Test Post!

    Was hyped to get the email today. Test test test test