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    Give the gift Of Em-8er!

    Oh, trust me...It's going all the way down. 20% off, as well? Deal.
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    Good things about Firefall and some suggestion for the game.

    I loved how missions would take you into Chosen strong holds, or caves. I loved going into a building that was well laid out and having to complete task while fighting off the chosen. Hopefully we can see the same kind of situations in Em8er making use of our male and female characters gear...
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    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Guess I'll chime in since I'm tired of coming to this website and seeing the same thing over and over.... Forbidden here... I fell out with Firefall way before the major updates that ruined the game. I could be a bit more specific but, whatever. Thru the ups and downs that I did experience...
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    Em-8er Chief Chat: Tuesday July 2nd, 2019

    Honestly not a fan at all of the light frame. Just doesn't seem to fit the Ember narrative in my opinion to were Striders fight off giant Kiju piloting, "Mechs." The light mech looks more like a suit of armor rather then a pilot able mech. Based off pure looks alone it would be something I shy...
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    Em-8er Movement demo is LIVE!

    Thank you, sweet lil baby Jesus. Bout time...
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    Free 2 Play

    Changes can be made with out a huge risk.... Give me a few exclusive in game items and i'm fine..
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    Free 2 Play

    I mean, sit back and take a look at some of the free 2 play tycoons today. I won't name any here but I'm sure most of us are familiar with them. Matter of fact, a few of them use the Unreal Engine. I'm not objective to a free 2 play system at all. Just thinking about the cosmetics for our mechs...
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    Skeptical of the game

    its optimistic people like you that they're able to get away with what they're doing. Hope ur not let down bro
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    Skeptical of the game

    The adverage aaa game developer makes 60k a year. This scene can be created in a day....
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    Skeptical of the game

    That's how they sucka us in...with hope. lol 2 months after this initial post @Grummz is still asking for more money. And his excuse is because we wanted more firefall. Lol. No, we wanted a kickstart demo a year ago like what you advertised for the initial funding of the game. Hope I'm wrong...
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    Skeptical of the game

    I'm really not impressed... 1 year passed our initial kick-starter date and really no info on why. The video updates are so spread apart... Sorry for the negativity but I'm just not feeling it. In the end I see this game being supported by the current community only. I've seen other projects...
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    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    thanks for making this game for us @Grummz. I've never been so excited about a game before. For what it is the art is lovely. I know it will only get better. And...the Mechs...Man those things look so dope. i stare at my screen for moments imagining what it would be like to pilot one. they're...
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    Chief Chat Tomorrow 4pm PDT - NEW update video & special announcement!

    Short and sweet....I shed a tear. I can't wait for the next installment! Go Em8er!