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    How can Em8-er punish death and require skill?

    There does need to be a penalty for death. Just not related to gear durability. People get very attached to their gear. I like the idea that if you die the timer starts. Maybe 15-30 seconds or so. If your allies don't or can't revive you in time, you re-spawn at the nearest allied base...
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    Friday Update - 17th of Nov

    Thanks for the update. Still lurking. All the best.
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    Worries about gameplay...

    Grinding can be included in support of the purpose of the game. But the purpose of the game cannot be grinding. That's what happened to FireFall. The purpose became grinding. Horrible. Unforgivable given the initial vision. As long as every time I log on and play I feel like I'm...
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    What can Em8er learn from Firefalls' model?

    So I heard about this new game called FireFall and figured I would give it a try. Set up an account. Made my choices of character. Login. And decide to move out and start exploring. Almost immediately I come across what I later found out was a watchtower with this swirling thing next to it...
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    Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF

    I'll keep this short and sweet: What drove me out of FF was the endless grind and barriers to participation. In the beginning, the Chosen were the Chosen. You started off weak. And gradually became more powerful in relative terms. Until one day, you could one-shot a Chosen when you had put...
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    The good old days ... will be back?!

    "Is it true that the good old days ... will be back?!" I really hope so. Everytime I see a vid or screenshot from the old beta days of FF like the one you posted I get this homesick feeling. So much potential thrown into the trash. Its almost criminal.
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    Best Firefall Legacy Vids

    I can't take credit for this. DarkByke did it.
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    Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

    Got into FF too late to be a Founder. But claiming vet status worked like a champ. Great stuff. Thanks.
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    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Carter154 reporting. Old Beta Tester starting in 2013.