Yes, but how does that make you feel?


Aug 14, 2016
I know some of us have talked about different playing styles and ideas for builds, and will keep doing so long after the game is made as released. But one key aspect of different playing styles and builds is all in how they make you feel. So this thread is more about why we like to use the builds that we do or use the playstyles that we do.

For example, as I posted in many other places. My play style focuses more on pure raw attack power, speed, accuracy, precision, and stealth. And that I love both to melee and to snipe enemies. My goal in making the builds that I do in games is all so I can try and feel like this.

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Mar 4, 2019
Boy, that question is giving me flashbacks.

My preferred play-style revolves around mobility, elegance (it needs to look cool, key component to get me into that zone) and damage output either burst or DoT (both work well with this combination).

I guess i just like to feel in control of an extremely chaotic situation.