What's with the heels?


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Jul 27, 2016
Island of Tofu
Additionally, the chick in the pic is Courtney Stodden. Always wears stripper high heels. She's pretty hot, your typical "blonde bimbo" type/style that guys always call trash and say they have no interest in, but secretly want to smash.
SMASH you say?

Just kidding that's too much smashing for anyone!

I don't think there's many players who would concentrate on or zoom up to the female's feet to have an ogle.
The feet lovers might do !

Maybe anyone who isn't an adult should no longer be allowed to go to beaches then? All those women in swimsuits and bikinis on these beaches must be problematic.
Then you hear a siren and the Censor Police would place a censor box over the person and fly off :eek:

I wonder if the research has slowly swayed your views. I doubt it.
It has made me realize that heels have their place, and also made me look into heels that can change.

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