What we liked in FireFall and what we would want in Em8er.

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  1. Windmask

    Windmask New Member

    What I liked about FireFall well before it was replaced on release was the true skill system. No matter where you went from TD to SH as long as you had the skill you could fight anything.

    I remember when I was running around SH watchtower in my Mammoth battleframe I was fight an invasion then I got targeted by a chosen death squad as I was fight them too I got targeted again by another death squad. I managed to come out on top because I trusted my skills. I had a lot of fun. Then another invasion happened at the same tower.

    But after the true skill system was replaced with a level based system I never had as much fun fighting the good fight not mentioned the fact the late game resources were found in the pvp maps when I’m a pve only player.

    So what was you favorite part of FireFall and why?
  2. DinsdaleP13

    DinsdaleP13 Firstclaimer

    The open world, and running around exploring. There was just so much cool stuff to see and do. Especially after PvP was removed. Plus it was always fun trying ways to fall through the map.
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  3. Mahdi

    Mahdi THMPR Inbound - Gatestrider - Firstclaimer

    I enjoyed the parts of the game that weren't finished yet. That big city on the mountain over looking SH. Rarely had a mission up there but it was a nice place to walk around and see. From there it was simple to get the flight achievement by gliding out to the Arclight.

    Pre-launch horizontal system and the massive XP runs with the clan to help get that last million+ for a 10th level. Pissed a few people off in the public how quick we would blow in and out of somewhere leaving nothing but yellow and green flowing beams.

    The hours upon hours of thumping insanity. From important white resources to melding thumping to pocket thumping and the repulsors. Give me back my Sargasso Sea damn it!

    But the randomness of events just motoring around. Stop and help someone finish a thumper. Incursions and tornados. Freedom and liberty to do literally what ever I wanted with every bit of it contributing to the greatest crafting system I have played.

    I believe in you, Grummz and team. Bring this digital world back to us.
  4. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    * Motorbikes They are sleek, make some funky sounds and really wished they had an option to have a passenger space
    to get you and a buddy out and about. Plus i love the various styles there were some very nice bikes i know there will be mechs in the game but bikes are amazing too!

    * The battle frames had their cool unique abilities and weapons, my main that played the most was mammoth and the dragonfly the moment you see someone fall and the trumpet sound plays in your head !!!hero time!!! pop the bubble or use that amazing heal ability and save someone or die and try again either way it was fun :D

    * Tiki torch it was an iconic piece and the tiki flaming mask those gave it the feel that we represented all in our tribe where ever we would be to start a party or to freak the chosen with our flaming tongue out mask rushing in battling an annoying creature like the one that kept spewwing ink what an annoying creature!

    * Gliding was cool too at night unless you hit something and go into the sea, but i loved it apart from the sea bit :p

    * I like the sin - [Shared intelligence network] that was good to know where things were and enemies.

    * pets some cute and others funny i would hope they had a function than just something to add to look nice e.g. in warframe
    pets have certain function like collecting things quicker, or say it had the ability to drop banana peels to make things slip etc etc

    * Events the talking point making people rush in to defend or hunt for something maybe its an event to save a small lost group of travelers who have become ill and need an antidote! The kaiju have an antidote but attacking them directly would slow you down as the timer counts down before they mutate into horrific creatures :O so the best way is to work together to cause a distraction and let the recons do their work to stealth and avoid alerting any enemies taking a sample of the main antidote and not setting off any trip wire or guards so that everything seems ok.

    Otherwise if the alert occurred you would have to defend the ill travelers while the kaiju come rushing out chasing the recons in attempt to take the antidote back!

    * Accessories/customization: cat ears, bunny ears, visors, cool looking antenna's, pizza chef hat, angry kaiju boots, etc etc
    The choice to look badass or somewhat different that is the beauty of having something people would like to look a certain way in whatever mood they are in!
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  5. wangmauler

    wangmauler Terraformer

    OLD STYLE THUMPING. My best times were when there was a rare resource near a city that would pop up - dozens upon dozens of people would form teams of 5 to thump as much as possible. I remember not even caring what team I was in - I would just run around and toss turrets down to help out everyone as much as possible.

    I'd really love the thumping experience to be at LEAST equal to firefalls!
  6. Windmask

    Windmask New Member

    I remember the Thump Party’s hell I’ve started a few of them myself. I remember this one where all around TD there was like 5 - 10 ter.3 squad thumpers and hundreds of players and thousands of baddies everywhere it was glorious.
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  7. W.cheff

    W.cheff Member

    The feel of jetpacking and gliding.
    The Chosen randomly deciding "See that guy? Man fuck that guy! Barry, Garry, Larry gear up! We're going hunting!"
    The sounds or the weapons and abilities.
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  8. Pandagnome

    Pandagnome Well-Known Member Happy Kaiju

    if we have a jungle we need these
    talking and eating plants !
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